Wednesday 19 March 2014

Yellow #rainbownails

So as the song continues, yellow is the nail colour of this week for Kel's #rainbownails project.

And do I have a yellow polish?
No I do not.

Could I find a yellow polish?
No I could not.

So gold is the new yellow.

That's surely fine, acceptable and "with" the rules though...right...?

I mean we use the description a "Golden Sunshine" ... a "sunshine" is yellow, "golden" is gold...

Yep, that's good enough, and close enough for me!

So here it is, this weeks effort:

And when I say "this weeks effort", I do realise I am using the term effort in the loosest possible term.

I'm a big gold nail polish fan and it is usually my "go to" polish for my tootsies - I think it's a really good "go with anything" colour to look good with all of those different, toe bearing, summery sandals.

My gold polish of choice is actually one I've had for ages - 17 Fast Finish...but the shade name has long since rubbed away from the bottle it's that old.

It covers really well - just one coat was sufficient, and it gave a really good thick layer of polish, and with a slight shimmery sparkle to boot.

Nail art wise, well, I've simply got nothing this week I'm afraid.

Just plain, understated gold.

Note To Self: I Must Do Better

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