Monday 28 April 2014

Loving My Little August Bluetooth Speaker

After a stressful day at work, I love nothing more than indulging in a long, hot, relaxing soak in the bath.
Usually accompanied with candles and a good old sing along - obviously as loudly as I can manage - to some fabulous 90's pop tune.

This also annoys the hell out of the two boys in my house....'s little pleasures eh!

The only problem I find with this though is that because I do annoy them so much I'm kind of running out of options as to how to get my bath time music fix.

My only music source upstairs comes in the form of the radio/CD player/iPod dock which is my sons and therefore in his bedroom.

He can often be found stomping past the bathroom, into his bedroom and switching my music off in a huff.

- Singing time over for Mum -

The next option I have is to use my phone, but this plan also has it's flaws.
The volume on my iPhone isn't the best - especially when it is left in my bedroom and I am in the bathroom.
I can barely hear what I'm singing and having such a low volume fails to disguise my less-than-perfect-voice.

- Not good at all, so again, singing time over for Mum -

And then we have the option where I actually take said phone into the bathroom with me for maximum volume.
This option is a no go I'm afraid - I've made that mistake before and it was RIP mobile.

- CERTAINLY singing time over for Mum - 

It would seem as though my daydreams of being the long undiscovered extra member of the Spice Girls or All Saints is to be left behind and forgotten after all.

Such sad times.

But wait a second, perhaps not - put away those celebratory balloons boys-of-my-house - perhaps the dream can live on.

Perhaps I can continue to sing my heart out once more.

And how can I do this I hear you ask?

Well, it is all possible again because I was very kindly sent this really cute, really sleek looking, silver piece of audio technology.

How very exciting.

And how very practical.

This August MS425B Bluetooth Speaker is a great size - it fits nicely onto the palm of my hand and is really lightweight and very easily portable.

I was able to take my singing on a recent family outing in the great outdoors (although I was a tad quieter than at home) as the speaker fit snugly into my small shoulder bag and it wasn't bulky or heavy at all.

The speaker is available to buy in six really cute colours, but I think my brushed silver one is the sleekest looking of them my very biased opinion it is anyway.

(Really, they are all quite nice.)

It 100% goes without saying that I was mega chuffed when this arrived - I just couldn't wait to get it going.

Very unfortunately again for the boys in my house, I had just discovered that amazing, that brilliant, that fantastic Disney film that is Frozen around about the same time that this speaker landed through my door - and that could mean just one thing...


No better way to test out the speakers music-blasting capabilities in my book than with the Frozen soundtrack - I reckon it would be rude not to.

The speaker connects wirelessly to my phone as soon as both are switched on and paired together (which takes only seconds to do).  Any songs on my phone will then play straight through the speaker and as long as they are within bluetooth range of each other they will continue to be compatible - about ten meters (or so it says on the box!).

I found the sound quality fantastic too.
With it being such a small device I think there was a slight expectation that the sound may be a little bit "tinny" or unclear at times, but this wasn't the case at all.

The music played very clear, very crisp and very loud.

Perfect for my sing-a-longs.

And then, most importantly, because the speaker has it's own volume button, the music can be turned up from there so there is absolutely no need for my phone or the speaker to ever enter the bathroom during my relaxation time.
I can leave them both in my bedroom, close my son's bedroom door as not to disturb him (as if I dare!) and still have a loud quality of sound to enjoy.

Fantastic Stuff

The speaker was packaged really well when it arrived too and came complete with a USB port charger.
I found that the battery lasted quite a while once charged - it got me through my Frozen fix anyway and that's certainly good enough for me.

Oh, and if a call comes through on the phone mid-song, the speaker will act as a little hands-free kit so you can chat away using it's inbuilt microphone.

I absolutely love this product and found it no different in quality or capability than some of the more expensive branded ones that a few of my friends have.

This speaker, in my opinion, is well worth it's £17.75 price tag on Amazon.

It's fab.

Surely it must be "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" time again

* Product sent for review - all thoughts and images are my own

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