Friday 27 June 2014

GOSH Festival Kit - A Prize

So, a few weeks ago, during one of my many (many) half hourly Twitter browses, I stumbled across a competition from GOSH to win one of ten of their fab "beauty festival survival kits".

Never a person to usually win anything, I almost didn't enter, but the prize looked way too nice not to even try to win it.

So I scrolled on back up and gave the photograph a little, very hopeful, re-tweet.

I mean, I do know I'm probably not cool enough to be attending anything that resembles a festival, but the prize looked pretty and very "not to be missed"...

I really wanted it.

Festival or no festival.

I mean what if I happened to be surprisingly whisked off to some brilliant live music event somewhere - I would need to be all ready and set to go make up wise at least.

I may struggle with the song lyrics and the band names, but make-up wise, I would need to be all good to go - and now, now I'm all sorted - thanks to this lovely little kit.

Yep - I did.

! I won !


I love lovely things, and I've really enjoyed trying all of these products out.

The nail polish is a lovely blue colour - Sea Me! - and it has a slight, very subtle shimmer to it.

It certainly suits it's name anyway, and reminded me of the sun sparking on the sea.
(can you tell I've been to the seaside recently!)

Very pretty.

It applied easily and stayed put for days without chipping - which I loved.

Two coats gave this nice bluey colour which had a very slight sparkle to it.

I love it and have had loads of compliments about it.

Something else I've really loved is the very sleek packaged, bright pink "Yours Forever" lipstick.

Embossed with the GOSH logo, it looks really expensive and it wouldn't look a-miss in any lip-product-lovers collection.

I wore this to an event last night, and it was really easy to apply and quite moisturising to wear.

It didn't stay put all night, but it gave me a good burst of colour for quite a while.

I really do love my bright lips at the moment, so this is a winner for me.

I was lucky enough to find three eye products inside the kit too:

~ a black kohl eye liner pencil

I've always used eye kohl, rather than gel or liquid liners (although I am trying to branch out into this area a little) and I use it on my outer lid, as close to my lash line as I can, in an attempt to make my little eyes look a tad bigger.

I thought this product worked really well - it applied quickly and easily with no fuss at all and can be swept on in seconds.


~ a black amazing length n build waterproof mascara

I'm still 'getting into' the idea of mascara really, and as this brush is slightly bigger than the one I'm currently using, I just thought I'd make a real mess and end up with it all over my face, but surprisingly, application went OK.

The mascara itself was different - less 'liquidy' I suppose - than others I have tried.
I'm guessing this is due to it's waterproof formula, and I found it made building layers to create lash volume a whole lot easier and a whole lot quicker.

Oh - and it certainly is waterproof too - nothing shifts it.

~ a grey metallic waterproof eye shadow crayon

Now speed is obviously the aim of the game with festival make-up application, because this product, like the others, just breezed on, leaving a trail of dark grey colour, flecked with lovely shimmery glitter behind.

It made for a very dramatic, festival appropriate look.

The only thing that could possibly be an issue, was that when removing it, the silver shimmer seemed to stay behind - and spread itself about a little a festival or a party this added-extra-sparkle could prove to be a really good look.

But not so much for work...

Regardless of my forever shimmery eye area, I did love all of these products and I would say that they are certainly essentials - especially being waterproof - attending a festival, in the UK - yep - I can see that "waterproof" certainly could be a much needed make-up element.

And then last but not least there was the GOSH CC Cream in the colour Sand.

Now I initially thought this shade would be a little bit too light for my skin tone but it wasn't at all - especially with my usual dusting of bronzer over the top of it.

It gave a really light all over coverage that helped to just skim over the things that I really don't like to be seeing on my face, yet without being 'too much' at all.

I reckon this product will be perfect for the warmer weather when the last thing I can cope with is a face full of really heavy, melting off my face foundation.

Brilliant for a holiday in the sun too...or for a festival perhaps...

I really need to get myself to a festival don't I...

Thanks again GOSH for my bag of lovely beauty goodies.

Quick, simple, easy make-up is certainly an essential, no matter the occasion

*products won as a prize! Thoughts and photographs are all my own.

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