Monday 30 June 2014

My Very First Degustabox

There is so much foodie stuff going on in my life at the moment that my waist is inevitably going to begin expanding rapidly - very soon.

But I just love everything "food" - who doesn't.

And I was very excited when I was presented with a lovely, free box, crammed full of the stuff from the ever thoughtful Kelly in the form of this Degustabox.

Although I do like the concept of subscription boxes and having surprise goodies delivered to my door each month, I've never actually managed to get myself sorted out to order any.

I reckon I've been missing out, so this June box was a very welcome introduction for me.

It was all lovely and really carefully packaged, and was pritty much crammed full to the brim with goodies.

Many of the items inside were a total surprise to me, and were things I had never tried before - which I suppose is the aim of the game really - introducing people to brands and products they have probably never used before.

Before I begin, I must say that the little carton of chocolate milk you can see in the picture above - well it sadly didn't make it to the "having a photograph by itself stage" - my eight year old snapped it up and gulped it down the second he spotted it.

He did say it was lovely though - and the wide-eyed-expression-of-joy that accompanied this statement proved it to be true.

He's certainly a fan.

So sticking with the drinks then, the Hubby claimed both of these Be Fast Banana Breakfast On The Go Shakes (one before the pictures were taken I must add) because they were perfect and very convenient for him to take in the van to work with him.

He's tried quick meal drinks, very similar to these, in the past but has said that they can be quite dry to taste, and he didn't rate them very highly.
This drink however he really enjoyed - particularly ice cold, straight from the fridge.

He informed me that they even made him avoid any early morning fast food stop-offs because he just wasn't ravenously hungry by the time 7am came around.

Promoting healthy changes - I like it.

And then onto a totally different category of drinks.

The alcohol.

Back in my teen days, myself and my friends prided ourselves on being seasoned weekend "Lambrini Girls" - cheap and cheerful was certainly the way to go back then, and we loved the stuff.

I must admit, it's not something I've tried in a lot of years, but I was a little giddy to find a bottle inside the box - a new strawberry flavoured variety none the less - and although I haven't sampled it just yet, I'm sure to love it when I do.

There was a "very pretty for a beer" can of Estrella tucked away in there too.

Apparently Estrella is a Spanish, award-winning pale lager known as "The Beer Of Barcelona" - so this kind of tells me that it's going to be good - which the Hubby has his sights firmly set on trying out.

I for one just think it looks a whole lot better than most other cans of lager.

And next we have something to enjoy alongside all of this alcohol  - the Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Flutes...

...which are flavored with amaretto...

My favourite.

So how on earth was I supposed to resist these?!

Well...I didn't - they were amazing - and they don't contain any nuts or any alcohol either.

I had to fight my Dad off pinching them all from me when he popped round for a cuppa - he's an amaretto fan too and wanted to take them home to "have with a beer".

Sorry Pops - I just loved them too, too much.

Now back to my son - food-wise, I am trying to sway him around to eat more of "the good stuff", the healthy stuff, and so far so good, he's playing ball and is understanding why he needs to be a little bit health conscious.

A bonus is that he has always loved fruit, so the Urban Fruit pineapple packet made a really quick, easy, no-mess addition to his lunch box.

I love things like this because I know he's at least having one thing healthy during the day when he's away from me at school.

Although giving him fresh fruit is always my first option, this lightly baked packet is brilliant when time is a little limited - especially for messy-fruit-chopping scenarios.

 He's also shown a real interest in the Bear Alpha Bites cereal over the weekend too.

No sugar-filled, chocolate coated options here - just pure multigrain goodness...and a lot of fun spelling words out in the bowl too.

And the Veetee microwave rice - well, what's not to love about a ready in two minutes meal accompaniment.

Healthy food, but fast.

Speaking of fast and convenient, the last product in my Degustabox was the Dr Oetker Vanilla Grinder.

I do tend to bake quite a lot of cakes - especially in the school holidays when I have a lot more free time on my hands, and simply due to pure laziness I tend to use vanilla extract most of the time to flavour my 'creations'.

Having this vanilla grinder will help me to enhance the flavour that I love within my cakes, but be able to do it quickly, with no messing about - just how I like it.

Between the three of us in my house, we've really enjoyed delving into our first Degustabox and we may even need to be taking a peek at what July's has to offer...

I love discovering new things - especially new things to eat

*box provided free, for consideration of an honest opinion of products

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