Wednesday 2 July 2014

Pizza Express and The Dough Ballers

It's becoming apparent from my posts, that I love a good old meal isn't it.

I've kind of put Slimming World on the back burner a little bit in recent weeks - although I am rejoining next week - but I just wanted to be able to enjoy a few fab foodie events without feeling really naughty or really guilty.

That's surely OK...


Anyhow, allowed or not, naughty or not, I really did enjoy myself on Saturday, because one of the two events I attended (the first being here) involved me popping along to Pizza Express on Crown Street in Leeds, to enjoy their new summer specials menu (here), as well as be entertained by the fantastic "Dough Ballers".

See more here:
As much as I love pizza, Pizza Express is not a place I have ever eaten before - crazy I know - so I was very much looking forward to seeing what they had to offer.

Myself, The Hubby and The Son had a table booked at 8pm - which is a little late for the little man on a normal day, but it was a Saturday, we can excuse a late night - and when we arrived, despite the very busy restaurant, we were seated quickly, given our menus and began browsing what was on offer almost immediately.

We quickly decided what was to be ours, ordered and sat back for a little bit of a natter.

The atmosphere was really buzzing and it was clear to see everyone was enjoying themselves - I loved how the kitchen area was right at the heart of the restaurant - everything freshly made and prepared right there, for all to see.

A really nice touch.

Then, to add to the excitement, The Dough Ballers set up and gave us an amazing, very fun performance.

They performed a wide variety of well-known, much loved songs, all in their very own, absolutely brilliant, very unique style.

The band interacted with the diners, fulfilled requests and just "had a laugh" with everyone really - even leaving their centre stage position at one point to surround and serenade a hen party group.

They were fantastic.

And - speaking of fantastic - grubs up!

Between the three of us, we ordered a selection from each of the three menus on offer:

The Kiddies Menu:

My son opted for a starter of dough balls with garlic butter:

A main of Pollo (chicken) Pizza:

And a dessert of Vanilla Ice-Cream with Chocolate Sauce:

He was absolutely starving the poor kid, and he wolfed his starter down in no time at all.

His pizza quickly followed, and despite him loving his ice-cream and insisting we each have a sample, he just wasn't able to finish it all.

He was a very happy chappy though.

From the main Spring Summer Menu, myself and The Hubby sampled a few very lovely delights between us.

Both of our starters came from this menu.

I decide to have the Brushchetta Con Funghi:

Which was oh-my-goodness - out of this world delicious.

Warm bread, covered in lovely warm mushrooms and onions with a slightly creamy, but not overpowering mushroom sauce.

Yep - it was a good choice.

The Hubby opted for a Garlic Bread With Mozzarella and he wolfed it down:

Sticking with this menu, The a Hubby enjoyed a main of Calzone Salami e Salsiccia:

Which was crammed with lovely Italian cured meats, chilli sausage, mozzerella and lots more lovelieness.

And then a dessert of a Chocolate Glory:

Which was decorated with yummy brownie pieces...I'm not ashamed to admit I pinched a few pieces - it was Y-U-M.

The main purpose of the evening was to taste test and sample Pizza Express' new Summer Menu.

With the exception of my starter (which came from the main menu), I thoroughly enjoyed this menu.

My main consisted of a larger-than-large Pollo Forza Romana Pizza:

It was so big it came with it's own pizza cutter!!

And it was amazing.

The base was very light, very thin and very crisp - perfect for summer.

The chicken was tender, succulent and really tasty, and the pizza as a whole - well it was beautiful but really spicy.

Perfect for me.

And naturally, I simply had to try a dessert too, and opted for the Leggara Lemon And Blueberry Glory:

This has to be the most summer-ready-perfect dessert ever.

It was beautiful - and I'm usually a eat-all-the-chocolate-dessert kind of a girl.

The lemon sorbet was light, cooling and so refreshing, whilst the berry sauce was slightly tangy but in a very complementary way.

And at under 235 calories it's a lighter option to enjoy pudding without skimping on taste at all.

Really lovely and I'm so glad I went for it.

Pizza Express were fab - the food was great, the staff really friendly and down to earth, and despite being mega busy we didn't have to wait too long, and the wait we did have was apologised for.

The Summer Menu gets a big thumbs up from me!

I'll be seeing you soon I'm sure Pizza Express

*meal partly provided free of charge for consideration of an honest review

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