Monday 4 August 2014

Bubble T Bath Products

I do love a good old soak in the bath - it's the reliever of many an ailment in my book -

~ stressed out? ... I have a bath

~ tired out? ... I have a bath

~ worried? ... I have a bath

I just love em.

So when these brightly coloured Bubble T bath products landed through my door, well, naturally, I couldn't wait to - you've guessed it - have a bath.

Bubble T take their brilliant eye-catching inspiration from a brightly coloured 1980's Taiwanese drink, which totally captured people's attention at first glace.

All of Bubble T's cosmetics are a blend of fruit - essence and extract - and different flavoured tea.

It is well known that different teas can be used for different things - to aid sleep, to wake us up, even to improve the way our bodies function - and Bubble T wanted to incorporate these benefits into the products that they made.

And so, Bubble T was formed.

Tea and bath-time - well - that sounded amazing to me.

I couldn't wait to get started.

I'm fairly new to bath-bombs and what they have to offer really and have only ever used a few before.

The yellow packaging of these fizzing bath bombs told me that these particular ones were infused with lemongrass and green tea and were meant to "stimulate" and help bring clarity of mind.

Well, that sounded rather brilliant to me!

And they were certainly lemony scented that's for sure.

I only popped one into my bath water - and it was quite a full bath - so I think this is where I went a little wrong, maybe I needed to put in another - at least - to keep the lovely lemon scent around for longer than it was.

Anyhow, the bath bomb whizzed and fizzed about as expected and it did smell lovely.

Now I'm not really one to have showers all that much - you guessed it, I prefer my baths - but that doesn't mean that I couldn't fully enjoy this Bubble T Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Shower Gel.

Oh, and the red packaging symbolises that it has "restoring" properties too.

And it was lovely - a really fruity scent, which when I lathered over my body, I realised had little exfoliating beads inside.

These really helped to make me feel cleansed and really refreshed - and if I'm honest, slightly restored!

I'm certainly a fan.

I love the bright, fun packaging of the Bubble T products, they really brighten up the bathroom and have certainly drawn the two men in my house to them that's for sure - I'm lucky if I'll get another look in.

Bubble T also offer a minty "revive" range of products.
These come in a very lovely blue coloured packaging - I'm yet to try them, but they do sound and look great though.

...if you enter thankyou at the checkout - you'll get 20% off any Bubble T order you make too...

Thanks lots Bubble T!

Now...I think it could be time for a bath... 

*PR products sent to review - thoughts and pictures are all my own

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