Tuesday 7 April 2015

Greek Inspired Summer Dresses

I don't think I can really be blamed for constantly dreaming of the summer holidays at the moment can I?

I don't think anyone can really.

Not after all of the crazy-cold, crazy-snowy, crazy-icy weather we've had over recent months.

And then beautiful sunny days like today pop up and fill us with a lovely sense of Summer Time Hope.

It's certainly got me thinking of fabulous things:

~ Warm beaches
~ Long sunbathing sessions
~ Siestas at lunchtime
~ Lazing by the pool

Yep - I could do with a lot of that this year.

And what's made me dream of this even more is the fact that I received a very lovely dress, quite a while ago actually, all the way from the very beautiful, very warm island of Greece.

It's taken me this long to put this post together because, well, I couldn't exactly don a summery dress when all I could see was horrible white snow now could I...it just didn't seem right somehow...

But with the sun making a very welcome appearance, I just couldn't hold off from showing you it any longer.

Now, as I said, this lovely handmade, mint-green number comes all the way from Greece, from a little boutique called Anassa Boutique

The shop stocks some very lovely pieces - bags, dresses, tops, skirts - all designed to give a unique and different feel to women's fashion.

I really liked the look of this dress on the website, and definitely found it to be a really unique piece, unlike most things you would find in the UK.

Now on the website - which is all in Greek - but Google will translate everything beautifully - (thanks Google!) the dress is described as being Anassa's best seller, with it's "sexy yet classy" combo.

It has a high-low hem line and the material is really quite heavy and not flimsy in the slightest which I wasn't expecting at all and found a real pleasant surprise.

This heaviness from the material helps to add something extra, breaking up the sheer simplicity of the dress - using the heavier material allows the hem to hang in a really striking way, creating a lovely feature on the side of the dress

The hem creates this lovely waterfall effect down the side of the leg - it is so pretty and really different and is the thing I love the most about the frock.

The dress is a really loose fit too, so it doesn't cling to any post-Christmas lumps and bumps, and there's no material cutting into the underarm area, it just floats and skims across the body nicely
(thank goodness!)

The only thing I found a slight issue for me personally was the length of the dress at the front.

Now I don't have the best knees in the world (thanks for those Mum!) and I do try to keep them as covered up as possible, but the hem of this dress sits quite high above the knee at the front, and for me I do wish it was just a tad longer to cover up my insecurities

Also, on the website, this dress is described as being suitable as a maternity dress - and I can see why - it is loose, flowing, not tight at all - perfect for a lady with an expanding tummy.

But for me, this raises the issue of the hem line again - wouldn't the front of the dress sit even further up the leg for a lady with a huge baby bump to accommodate...

...but I suppose this isn't an issue for everyone - I'm just not a "my leg fan" - I know that a lot of people love showing off their lovely pins - especially in warmer weather.

I think the lovely, spring-like colour of this dress would need a very neutral tone of shoe and accessory teamed with it - perhaps in a tan or a nude colour - something very simple and unfussy, perhaps with a large statement necklace too.

Yep - I think that would make for a very sun-worthy, best-dressed-wedding-guest-award kind of an outfit.

Thank you Anassa - you really do know how to make pretty pieces.

Hmmm...now where's my passport - I need to head to Greece...

* item sent free of charge for an honest review. Words pictures & thoughts are all my own

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