Wednesday 22 April 2015

My Crazily Funny Furry Friends

I'm sure I'm not alone when it comes to feeling a whole lot of love and adoration for the cute, fluffy friends in our lives.

Pets really are the best.

I have two lovely cats myself and I really do think they are great and are naturally the loveliest, slightly craziest moggies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


So without further a-do, let me introduce to you the amazing, comical duo that are


~ Ta - Da ~

Beautiful aren't they

My little fur-babies

Before I go any further, I'll bet you're wondering what on earth my pets are doing on my blog again?

Well, I was alerted to a little collab that the RSPCA have got going on with More Than Insurance and I thought it was a brilliant idea to try and help some of the less fortunate animals out there and I really wanted to share it.

Anyone with pets will know that they can be fairly costly, especially if they ever become ill or are involved in an accident, which is where insurance kicks in
(both of mine have it!)

 The RSPCA obviously realise this importance and are working with More Than to try and raise this awareness.
At the moment, any policy which is opened with More Than to insure an amazing pussy cat, beloved puppy or dog will result in £20 being given back to the RSPCA so they are able to continue doing the amazing job that they do.

Which is just brilliant in my opinion.

And because I've started a little pet theme post going to mention this I thought I might as well keep it going and show my two pampered fluff balls off a little bit.

Well, why not eh.

I have so many crazy-cat tales to tell, so for your entertainment, here's four of my favourite
"Mario And Peaches Moments"...

~ Total Copy - Cats

Both of my cats have been together from day one, they are brother and sister and boy do they show it.

They hate each other one second and love each other the next.

What I did find really fascinating though, was the way in which they interact with one another.

Obviously I've heard the term "copy cat" before but I'd never witnessed it first hand...

...that was until this little duo purred their way into my life...


~ Comfort can obviously be found in the craziest of places

Mario (the big fluff ball) likes nothing more than flopping onto his back, head to one side, back legs parted as wide as possible enjoying a good old snore...

And trust me, this cat really can snore!

Peaches on the other hand...well...she's a little bit of a lady and is certainly one on her own...

~ Dry Me!!

Whenever it rains or snows and the cats have been outside, they pop back into the kitchen through the cat-flap and, Mario especially, will meow continuously until I go in and see what is the matter with him.

Then he'll follow me around - all the time meowing - until I reach for a towel and dry every inch of him...

Pampered or what

~ Oh-So-Helpful

Peaches simply loves to be involved

In everything

She will sit in the bathroom whilst I'm in the bath, she will sit and watch whilst I make a cuppa...

...until the spoon drives her crazy that is.

She even insisted on "helping" at Halloween whilst I calved out the pumpkins...




But aren't they just the cutest things.

Animals are brilliant and my two have shown me that they all have their own little personalities and quirky little traits.

It's really important that we give them the best care that we can - we surely owe that to our funny four-legged friends now don't we.

Here's to lots of love and care for all the amazing pets out there!

* a collaborative, sponsored post. All photos, words & crazy-cat stories are 100% my own

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