Thursday 9 April 2015

Spend A Night In A Bubble? A Competition

I absolutely love travelling around, visiting new, pretty places and staying in lovely accommodation...

Well, we all know how much I like me a bit of luxury don't we - but who doesn't!

A few months ago I was offered a brilliant opportunity from to stay in some pritty brilliant accommodation of theirs, but, well it was accommodation with a bit of a crazy twist.

They offered me the very unique experience of having one of only three available nights staying in their crazy-amazing pop-up Bubble Hotel.

Yes, it really does involve staying and sleeping in an actual bubble shaped, totally see-through room - for all of the world to see.

Very unique.

Imagine how totally disappointed I was when I had to turn the offer down.

~ Sob ~

But after working until late on a Friday afternoon, heading to the hotel's location at that time in rush hour traffic would have been a total nightmare and I wouldn't have arrived until near on 11pm.

I just felt that the amazing, slightly crazy experience would have been totally wasted on me.

* s i g h *

But then I was contacted and asked to spread the word across my blog:

! The Bubble Is Back In Town !

But in which town exactly?

Well, that's where you come in. currently have a competition running where they will pick one lucky person from the collection of entries they receive and will set up the Bubble Hotel anywhere in the UK, allowing the winner to spend a night within their "room with a 360 degree view" wherever they want.

The location can be anywhere - at any event, at a favourite seaside location, in a field under the stars, in your local town outside your favourite shop - any location you can think of, the hotel will arrive.

Sounds great doesn't it...I'm very jealous actually...

So how do you enter?

It couldn't be simpler:

~ Get on Twitter
~ Tweet @LateRooms
~ Use the hashtag #LateRoomsBubble
~ Tweet the event/location where you would want the bubble, along with the date you would need it

~ Voila ~

~ Competition entry submitted for a very cool night away!
(for full details, terms and conditions, look here)

The competition runs until midnight on 14th April, 2015 - so get Tweeting - and fast.

Let me know in the comments below the location you entered with - I'm nosey like that...

I think I may have to throw in a sneaky entry myself...

* sponsored collaborative post

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