Tuesday 28 April 2015

Trying Out A Microsoft Lumia Mobile

When it comes to technology I'm the first to admit that I don't do all that well at all really.

The basics , yes I'm OK with, the slightly more difficult, OK, I'll muddle my way through, but anything more advanced than that - no thank you - I'll leave that well alone and call in an expert.

And even with something relatively simple like a mobile phone the situation is really no different.

Don't get me wrong, this never puts me off wanting the most technological things around though - I'm totally one of those people who loves to have all of the latest, fancy gadgets (usually all matching in colour if I can manage) and my phone choices have to live up to this too.

I love it when the day comes to upgrade my handset so I can have something nice and new to play about with, however, this is also where my problems begin.

When I get a new phone you can guarantee there will be a few "Well I wish I'd never got this" moments - every single time without fail.

The Hubby actually hates my phone-contract-upgrade-days and always attempts to persuade me to just stick with similar handsets to my previous ones because he can't do with the drama.

He knows that for one day, perhaps two, I'm going to be an absolute pain in the backside.

I huff and puff and whinge and moan, all because the apps I want won't download or I've forgotten a password and can't log into a social media channel, or the photographs I have stored won't transfer across devices...

Drama, Drama, Drama

I know I'm totally ridiculous and that it's all totally unnecessary, I mean after a day or so everything sorts itself out anyway but I can't help myself, I really just like things done and done tomorrow.

So when I was approached by Connects (find here) and asked if I would like a couple of weeks to play  about with a Microsoft Lumia to see what I thought, well - yes I was excited, but also a tad "oh-my-goodness-I'm-not-going-to-have-a-clue".

But I did it

I survived it

I even enjoyed it

In my phone life there is currently the Samsung - and I love it - and before this there was the iPhone and before that my communication life revolved around the ever trusty Nokia handsets.

I had them all - the teeny, tiny white one with the blue keys, the pink swivel one with the fancy gold patterns - they were great, so I had high hopes that the Lumia would be too.

So how did I get on with it?

Well, rather brilliantly to be honest.

I found the phone so easy to use and for me this is a total must, especially with a device that I was to only have in my possession for a short space of time.

I didn't want to be wasting days stressing and struggling with such simple things like how to switch the phone on!

I found the phone fast, efficient and so easy to use with a really attractive bright, clear and very colourful screen display

It really "pops" when it lights up doesn't it, and then add that to the extra bright case...it certainly makes for an eye-catching piece of technology that's for sure.

Oh, and I like that it was really slim-line and not bulky at all - perfect for small clutch bags!

My favourite function of the phone simply had to be the camera which was sharp, clear and with a great zoom distance...

...but in particular I LOVED the selfie mode option it has.

Now, if you're anything like me then you'll appreciate a really good selfie taking session - my phone is crammed with the lovely things
(I'm not vain at all though trust me!)

The Microsoft Lumia helps to take selfies to a whole different, crazy level.

You can adjust all sorts of bits and bobs on your photographs - myself and my son had so many giggles brightening our smiles and widening our eyes - it was hilarious

A real laugh a minute with this feature that's for sure.

The swipe to text function was something else I found great too - I've been known to send the "odd" text message in my time.

The keypad on the phone will kind of "guess" what you are wanting to type as you swipe without you actually having to make much effort to type the word out.

A real time-saver

And although I didn't take advantage of the wireless charging option - I found that with this, like many phones I've had in the past, the charge lasted pritty well - I really like that it is available.

Actually, thinking about it, I really liked most things about this handset, so much so in fact the only negative thing I could find was down to my personal opinion - I wasn't keen on the bright green case colour, but I know other colour options are available.

I'm seriously thinking of investing in one of these phones in the future for my son.

I think for his very first phone it will be easy, sturdy and stress free...I can only imagine the amazingly creative selfies I'll have sent to me if I do though...

A really easy, convenient phone - perfect for the selfie lover

* phone sent to trial for two weeks. All words, opinions and photos are 100% my own

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