Friday 17 July 2015

Baby Baker Friday - A Third Trimester Update

I've decided that Friday's on the blog are now going to be dedicated to my new found pregnancy status.

Whilst I know this won't please everyone, it's something I really want to do - after all being pregnant is a huge thing to be happening in my life and I really want to share bits and pieces of what is going on amongst these pages.

So here we go

~ Baby Baker Friday ~

I did fancy showing you some maternity clothes I have in my possession today, but due to not having any opportunities to take decent photographs (be that due to the weather or me not having enough time) I'm going to put that back one more week and have it ready for you for next week.

I decided that today's Baby Baker Friday post would be just a short, sweet catch up on where I am at the moment and how I've been getting along.

I really hope that's OK...

So, how am I doing?

Well, this weekend I will be 27 weeks pregnant which marks the start of the third trimester.

Where does time go!

It means that I have 13 weeks left to go, possibly only 12 as it it more than likely the hospital will take me in sometime in my 39th week...

Eek - it feels a little scary when I actually see it there like that...scary but very exciting.

I'm growing...obviously...but I kind of seem to have just "puffed out" overnight and gone from having hardly any bump to the fairly noticeable one that I have now.

Don't get me wrong, it's great - it shows baby is doing as should be done - but I have to be honest, it's taking a little getting used to.

Over the past six or so years I have been so used to thinking a certain way about my shape, have been mega active - be that at the gym, running or literally zooming around the corridors at work - and now, all of that is suddenly in reverse.

My arms are flabbier, my bum is bigger (it's bloody massive!), so is my face, my thighs...everything is just larger than I've become used to.

I certainly can't street run, or run up the seven flights of stairs at work like I used to and the gym - pah - forget that.

I do try to walk further and faster than "normal" but I have to admit, it is a whole lot more difficult at the moment.

I'm trying not to stress over it though - I've waited for this little bump for a l-o-n-g time - near on three years in fact and there was a point where I thought it would never happen - so I'm over the moon it is happening now and will worry about the other stuff later.

I will be making sure I'm back on Slimming World as soon as the baby is born though...and I'll be making sure I'm out exercising as soon as I can manage it...which actually may take a little while...

I'm having an elective section this time around you see and I know I won't be doing too many star-jumps or squat thrusts for about six weeks after the op, but I'll get there.

So what else has been happening...

Well, I've had a few lovely, very well timed surprises at work too - they have totally made my week.

If you don't know already, I'm one half of a year team in a secondary school and my current year group - Year 9 (soon to be Year 10) - are so brilliant with me and I've been so spoilt this week...and I'm not even leaving yet.

Three of the girls came into my office laden down with pink gifts one day...

They bought me a lovely cellophane wrapped, teddy shaped money box and pillow set; a huge box filled with a helium balloon (I LOVE helium balloons); a pretty, sparkly door plaque, a bunch of pretty flowers and three very beautiful baby outfits...

They have such good taste

And that wasn't all either - the next day I was presented with yet another gift from one of my students which was two more mega cute outfits...

~ Spoilt ~

I had started this week feeling a tad uncomfortable, very moany and in a bit of a foul mood...not to mention huge...but now, now I feel a lot more appreciated and it really does makes me smile.

Cheers (with a lemonade) to pregnancy rants and moans!

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