Wednesday 28 October 2015

My Geek Box - A Fab, Fun Subscription Box

I can still remember the last time I had a subscription box sent to my door.

It was a very popular, very well-know beauty filled one and the thing I loved the most about it was the fact that each and every month I knew I had a little bit of a surprise heading my way.

Like a mini Christmas each and every month.

But, of course, all good things must come to an end and because my beauty collection was beginning to multiply faster than I could use it up, with great reluctance I was forced to hit the cancel button and sadly waved goodbye to my monthly beauty treats.

~ Sigh ~

Sad times.

But, well, it was only going to be a matter of time before something else spiked my interest really wasn't it.

And this time, whilst this "something" was still a monthly subscription type box, the contents couldn't be any further away from my beauty-packed boxes of old.

This time, I actually had no real idea of what I would be getting - and that was fine with me, it just added to the surprise.

All I knew was the name...

Come on - how on earth could I not want a piece of this.

Married To A Geek....

My Geek Box...

It's as though this thing was practically designed with me in mind.

And I discovered that each month, each box had a particular theme - the theme within this box was...

(find here)

...which could have meant a whole host of things really, so yep, I was way beyond intrigued for this to arrive that's for sure.

And when it did, the geek within had every need to be a tad giddy.

There was a whole array of, well, death themed goodies, all with a real geeky spin...

But before we delve too far, what is "My Geek Box"?

Well, you already know it is a subscription box delivery service which is delivered direct to your home each and every month that you request it.

The theme of the boxes will alter monthly and contents will fit around this theme.

Before you sign up the theme will be known but the contents, well those will remain a total surprise until you open the box.

Oh and the cost of each one is £19.99...

...which isn't bad really when you consider that there will be a t-shirt included within each box too.

A t-shirt which you are able to choose the size and gender-fit of before placing your order making sure everything will fit you perfectly.

 Obviously I would always have the box sent directly to myself (because I'm very selfish like that!) but you may decide that you want a box creating as a gift for a friend or a partner and it's a great idea that each one can be tailor made to properly accommodate the wants and needs of the recipient.

So what exactly was inside my box of goodies?

Well, as I said above, the theme of this box was "afterlife" so all of the contents fit around this area somehow.

We had...

~ a "Boo", Halloween appropriate t-shirt

~ a "Zombie Outbreak Team" sticker

~ a blood printed tea-towel

~ a Dracula puzzle

~ a retro metal wall sign
(zombie related of course)

~ a Twisted Dark Volume One comic style book

(which has me excited to read, yet terrified that it's going to scare me senseless!)

If you are looking for something a little different, or have that one person you really don't know what to give as a gift then I would certainly recommend giving My Geek Box a go.

I know I'm "Married To A Geek" but the excitement on my son's face when he spotted all of these zombie related goodies makes me wonder if all of that geekiness has rubbed off on him a little bit too much too...

My Geek Box - definitely a fun, unique gift idea

* box sent free of charge to review. Words & pictures all my own

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