Tuesday 17 November 2015

Shopping In The City Of York - #ShopInYork

~ Yay ~

I'm back

I know, I know - it's taken me a while to get myself sorted but I'm finally here, working hard again to get this little blog of mine back in action.

I actually didn't realise quite how long I've been out of the loop, but it's now almost (gulp!) Christmas and I haven't really had anything even remotely festive on these pages as of yet have I?!

~ Scandalous ~

But today, well today I'm rectifying that a little bit.

I'm going to let you in on my very favourite place to go shopping, a place I know I will be visiting again soon to make a start on all of that ever important Christmas purchasing.

And that place is none other than the ever beautiful city of York.

I absolutely love York and it seems those lovely people at Rodgers Of York (situated just five minutes away from the centre within Monks Cross) totally understand my love for the city too.

I always jump at the chance to get myself inside of the beautiful city walls.

It has so much to offer and I'm pleased to admit that I've managed to find a fair few opportunities to take trips there in the past...

~ I have dined in the very fancy The Grand Hotel, stuffing my face with copious amount of fabulous afternoon tea goodness - the perfect place for adding a touch of class to any day trip out...

~ I have drooled over the fantasticness that is Betty's Tea Room and I even managed to spend a small fortune on an array of their lovely sweet Christmassy treats for family members last Christmas too...

~ I have popped in and out of the various museums within the city, allowing myself time to soak up some of the lovely York culture, really helping to add a different dimension to any shopping trip...

~ I have dined in some of the fabulous York eateries - the perfect way to refuel after a long, hard day trawling all of those fabulous shops...

But best of all I have simply loved, loved, LOVED getting inside all of the amazing shops York has to offer.

Yes, I realise that there are similar shops in other cities, many which are actually nearer to my home than those in York are, and yes, I know that many other cities do actually have more in the way of retail places than York does, but nothing quite matches up to York for me.

It is the sheer prettiness of the city which makes it stand out as "the best" for me I think - it certainly has something very few other places have.

For one, there is York's ever famous Shambles street which is not only packed with restaurants, shops and tourist attractions but it also has it's own interesting stories to tell. 

The Shambles is really quaint and very "olde worlde" really.

It is the kind of place you can't help but be swept away with, what with the years and years worth of history packed within all of it's amazing fifteenth century buildings.

It is so pretty.

And to prove my point even more, the street holds it's own award - Most Picturesque Street in the Country - so it seems everyone shares my views.

But if that wasn't enough, it has to be good when even my Husband likes going "Shambles Shopping" - that really does say a lot in York's favour trust me...

With York, I feel you not only get all of the shops and the pretty markets, but because everything just looks so nice it really helps to make being there feel a whole lot less stressful and a lot more fun and peaceful.

~ Perfect ~

York brings prettiness, quaintness and even a little magic to shopping sprees which will really help to make every aspect of festive-season preparation as lovely as possible.

Fabulous shopping? Visit York!

* written in collaboration with Rodgers Of York

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