Wednesday 20 January 2016

The Potting Shed - Fabulous Food In The Heart Of Bingley Town

There's something about Sunday afternoon's that never fail to have me craving vast amounts of fabulous food...especially if it also means that I'm not the one doing the cooking.

A lot of the time my Dad and his wife, who obviously know of my aversion to preparing Sunday dinner (dinner on any day actually) will invite us over to their home in Bingley to stuff our faces with some fabulous foodie creations.

An invite which we never decline...

...until last Sunday that is.

But why?

Well, we were still having our food prepared for us, only by someone else...
(come on - you didn't think I'd decided to crack on with making a full roast dinner now did you)

...and we still headed on over to Bingley, but rather than immediately descending upon my Dad we stopped off first to the easily accessible location (directly on the main street and slap-bang opposite a car park) that is the newly refurbished The Potting Shed.

I have to admit that popping into a pub on a Sunday afternoon with a child, a baby and a fairly large pram in tow almost brought on a mini meltdown, but I needn't have worried at all.

Even though it appeared that half of Bingley were inside the bar, I spotted more than one family - complete with kiddies - dotted about and it seemed to be very accepted.

The place was fairly busy but I found that many of the people I encountered were really understanding, moving stools to one side to help me manoeuvre Baby Baker's pram to our seat situated towards the back of the bar.

Then, once seated, I took in my surroundings a little...

Exposed beams, doors up-cycled into tables and large plant pots helped to create a very warm, relaxed, friendly atmosphere yet still allowing an air of class and uniqueness to radiate throughout which was totally bang on-trend.

Music from a live singer set a beautiful tone all around too and whilst a lot of the clientele were very obviously trendy "hipster" types I felt relaxed and at ease quite quickly...even as I sat there in my Micky Mouse hoodie...

However, my understated attire aside, it was time to delve into that all important menu.

As I was attempting to stay on the health kick I am embarking on, I knew that I didn't want to be eating pizza and fries...well, actually I did want to be eating them but I knew I shouldn't, so instead, I searched the menu for something which sounded remotely healthy...

The grilled chicken kebab it had to be...

And aren't I glad I picked it - the dish was presented beautifully and it tasted even better.

The chicken was tender, the roasted vegetables cooked to perfect and the salad was drizzled in just the right amount of dressing...and yes - I did spot the couple next to us taking tentative glances across the table at my grub - before picking the menu up themselves to place an order.

Now the boys - the Hubby and the son - knew from the off-set that they were after the pizza's...those yummy looking pizzas, freshly made and straight from the pizza oven...

The Hubby decided upon a meat crammed Meat Feast variety...

...covered with lots of large chunky chicken pieces.

My son chose the Americano - nice and simple for him to enjoy with no nasty surprises (he is not the biggest mushroom fan)...

The boys added a side of sweet potato fries to their order too... of which I snaffled and oh my lord - they were amazing.

My son couldn't get enough of them - I think he wanted a second portion to take home with him too if I'm honest.

Needless to say all of the food was eaten and received massive thumbs up from us.

What was not to like?

~ Fast service
~ Brilliant presentation
~ Well cooked
~ Beautiful tasting
~ Generous portion sizes

I mean, what more do you need?

Well how about very friendly staff and a very pretty venue?

A very pretty venue which is made all the more spectacular with the huge outdoor seating area - perfect for warm summer evenings enjoying good food, good drink and good company.
(all none smoking too - a bonus in my book!)

Yep - the Potting Shed really does have it all.

It would seem Bradford is full of fabulous little surprises isn't it

* meal provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Words, pictures & opinions all my own

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