Wednesday 10 February 2016

GOSH Beauty Box - Saving My Sanity

What a crazy few days we've had weather wise...

But don't worry, this isn't a post all about the weather, it's actually a bit of a make-up post but you know how I like to set the scene a little.

Today just looks freezing, yesterday we had snow (!!) but it's the day before - Monday - that had me in a real state.

You see on Monday, I had a real need to do something, to get out of the house for an hour and so, into the pram I popped Baby Baker and off we went, on our own little afternoon adventure.

And it was really lovely - at first.

Willow was grinning away (as usual) at Mummy's silly face pulling, we were getting that all important fresh air, I was totting up the Body Magic (Slimming World stuff) - and it was just really nice.

And then what happened?

Yeah, you guessed it - the heavens opened and it absolutely bounced it down.

~ Typical ~

I gave up on our little stroll and headed for the sanctuary that is Tesco (bet it's never been called that before) and it was here, within the confines of my local supermarket that I was forced to stop, totally dead in my tracks.

As I was plodding along the milk aisle (of all places), minding my own business I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in one of those little mirrors they have stuck to the side of the fridges.

H-o-l-y  Hell

I mean I know I haven't really been taking that much care of my appearance recently - it's been all child and baby (as it should be) - so I'm not sure what I actually expected to see really, but the image gawping back at me was something that really can't be left unattended any longer.

I'm seriously surprised hordes of people with pitch forks haven't tried to drag me back to Far Far Away in a bid to force me to reclaim The Swap as my home.

~ I look blooming awful ~

And then, to make matters even worse (if that's possible), as I was typing my pin number in at the self serve checkout all I could see were my ten wonky, jagged, neglected nails...

~ Sigh ~

I needed to get home...which meant battling the gale outside again, but once I had and was back within the safety of my house - totally soaked but with a content, napping baby - I nipped upstairs and delved into my stash of very neglected beauty goodies.

And I found this....

A fabulous box of GOSH goodies which I won in a raffle at the HBAlPorto meet way back in September.

It's actually brilliant and a few of the items I have used before...

...the Primer Plus is one of these things and I love it...

As it states on the tube, this is a product all about skin hydration - I found when first applying it to my face, my skin really does feel as though it is a little bit wet...yet it isn't...if that makes any sense.

It's almost as though I've pumped loads of water across the top layer of my skin - and it feels great - before settling down to give a slightly silky feel to the face.

It's fab.

As is this very bright looking "Denim Delight" nail lacquer which has graced my nails a fair few time before now...

I found this very easy to apply and loved that chipping was very minimal - when you don't have loads of free time every day like myself, then this is a total must.

And so the rest of this fabulous box still remains a total mystery to me...what a crazy person I am...I mean just look at the pile I'm left to work through...

Not that I'm complaining though - everything looks great and I really love the sleek, simple packaging of it all.

So, left to indulge myself with, I have...

~ two lip lacquers...
(I'm very curious to find out all about these and test their lasting power I must admit)

~ a "Velvet Touch" lipstick - a very deep, dark purple colour...

~ an eyeliner in "Carbon Black" and a Velvet Touch lip-liner in "Raspberry Dream"...

~ a "Black Star" eye liner pen and an intense eye liner pen in "brown"...
(I may need a lot of practise with these...)

~ three Forever Lip Shine pens in "Magic Monday", "Lady Like" and "Funky Friday"...

~ a shimmery eyeshadow trio in "Three of a Kind"...

~ a handbag sized (perfect!) mineral powder brush...

I mean, what a prize to win eh.

I'm sure to be feeling a little less Ogre-like and a little more human once I've pampered and preened myself with these.

I'm really looking forward to sitting down this evening, taking some time out for me and properly ploughing through all of these brilliant looking products.

I can't blooming wait.

Thanks lots GOSH

* items were a raffle prize at a blogger meet. Raffle tickets were bought and paid for by myself. Winning was just luck!

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