Wednesday 14 September 2016

Fitness & Fashion Go Hand In Hand With BoohooFIT

Over the past few weeks - admittedly minus a few slip ups - I've slowly started to put a bit of effort back into my healthy eating/weight loss regime again.

I haven't lost a whole load of pounds on the scales as of yet but hopefully, with focus and dedication, that will come.


But whilst my eating is steadily getting back onto the track that I want it to be on I know I have a long way to go before my fitness levels reach anything near where they were pre-pregnancy.

At one point I was a two hour a night, six days a week gym bunny and then I moved onto street running...and then Spinning - I always did something.

However, whilst I've recently tried - and totally failed - at running again, the past nineteen months have included me taking part in next to no exercise at all.

And I really want to change this now.

I'm ready to do something about it.

I know I'm not going to step out tomorrow and run a marathon straight away - if anything, my confidence at the minute in my ability and my appearance wouldn't allow it anyway - so I've decided that I'm going to simply start off small, taking increasingly longer daily walks with the pram which I can then build up into jogs and then (hopefully) start to run again.

So I've decided it's the Couch to 5k route I need to be going down - start off steady and build up gradually.

But I'm going to need help.

And what could be better in way of help than looking fab and fashionable whilst I'm sweating it out?

It will certainly be a step in the right confidence boosting direction that's for sure - I mean when doesn't looking good make everything seem a whole lot better?

So when the ever popular Boohoo team set me a bit of a challenge - to find a fashionable fitness outfit from their Boohoo FIT range I couldn't wait to begin.

To be honest though, the only "challenge" part of this task was deciding what not to pick.

The choices were endless but in the end I settled for three pieces...

~ The cropped trousers will be ideal to team with my neon yellow running jacket...when I'm back at that level that is

~ The legging type jogging bottoms are ideal for the beginning stages of my journey when I feel like I need to cover up a bit more but still want to fancy myself up a bit
(the side leg detail is really pretty and really flattering too)

~ The vest is perfect - slightly baggy and longer at the front to cover up my Mum Tum, whilst still being loose and comfy allowing me to breathe...and it has such a brilliant exercise friendly slogan emblazoned across it too

And all for £30 - amazing right?

Oh and if that wasn't enough, everything arrived in a fabulous and very useful pink tote bag complete with a drinks bottle and mega useful hair tie

~ I feel fabulous.

~ I feel fashionable.

~ I feel fitness ready.

Job well done Boohoo, job well done

* items provided free of charge - thoughts, words & images all my own

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