Monday 10 October 2016

A Bundle Of Fabulous Clementoni Surprises

Do you ever receive lovely surprises and are left so pleased and happy because someone has gone and got it just right, perfect and spot on?

It's such a fabulous feeling isn't it but is unfortunately not one I experience for myself much these days because all of the gifts, surprise or otherwise that hit my doorstep are usually for the kiddies - and trust me - these two do very well.

Take last week for example, I was baffled when a knock at the door led to the biggest box ever being shoved in my direction.

My first thought?

I won't lie, I had a mini panic attack trying to rack my brains to think what I'd been ordering and how on earth I could possibly hide the contents of such a large parcel from the Hubby.

But as it turns out I didn't have to worry - the lovely gift was actually our first Clementoni Brand Ambassador bundle and wow were we impressed...

Willow, the little diva that she is, loves peering at herself, shouting "Ahhhh" and popping the occasional smooch towards her reflection, so her fabulous treat of the Clementoni Baby Mirror Rattle was perfect...

She loves it - it lights up, it flashes, it sings and it shows her herself - I mean, what's not to love...

And then Charlie, well, Charlie was gifted a massive, fantastic educational globe.

Now a bit of a back story here - when Charlie was little we would go to visit my Grandparents and he would always, always, always nip off into their bedroom and bring back my Grandad's learning globe.

He would sit for ages spinning the globe and showing us where all of the different countries were- the clever little thing that he was.

But time passed and whilst he is still a clever not-so-little thing now, things like the Xbox and a love for WWE have snatched away his attention and I'll admit, being the "try to do your best" Mum that I am I sometimes worry that he will start to loose his educational thirst.

And I don't want that to happen - ever.

However the second he spotted this globe on the kitchen table he said "Oh sick! Is this for me?" and I haven't been able to get him off it since...

There is just so much to do and learn within it.

Simply choose a category - Fun Facts, Currency etc - and click on the country of choice, then voila - a fact is revealed - it never gets boring or old and helps him pick up new bits of information at the same time.

~ Brilliant ~

Especially with him heading to high school very soon (sob!), anything which grabs his attention and pulls him towards knowledge and learning will always get a massive thumbs up from me.

So I have to admit, if the surprises that are arriving at my door are as fab as this Clementoni bundle then I really don't mind that things are no longer for me.

Because these really are brilliant

* toys sent free of charge as part of an ambassador programme - words, thoughts & images 100% my own

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