Saturday 25 February 2017

UK Staycations & My Holiday Must Do's

Well it looks set to be another wet, wild and windy Saturday today doesn't it and for me, it's one which involves the Hubby working all morning and then the boys disappearing off to rugby for most of the afternoon.

But then what?

Well my garden is looking hideous right now, what with the aftermath of our kitchen change up flung across it, only made worse by the never ending stormy winds, so maybe a clean up of this later?

The makings of a glamorous Saturday it aint and I've decided I am in desperate need of a holiday.

Somewhere hot, sunny and beach filled would be preferable but (as I say every year), maybe next year.

Until then, well I'll make the most of staying here in the UK.

I've made no secret of my love for a good old UK 'Staycation' before and this year we are doing it again - I've looked at hotels, country lodges, glamping sites but we've decided that no matter where we stay we want to be as close to the seaside as possible.

Why - well seasides never fail to keep the kiddies entertained and they are just so pretty...

I mean, yes, being close to the coast means the weather will more than likely be colder than it is at home and being in the UK we will no doubt see rain at some point, but none of that matters because we will be away - away from work, away from sports commitments, away from cleaning - and that sounds like a little slice of heaven to me right now.

But what are we planning on doing?

I doubt they'll be much sunbathing, cocktail drinking or pool lounging that's for sure, but there will be a whole of fun things to do, many of which are fast becoming my UK holiday 'Must Do's'...

~ Well I do want to be able to head off into ever-lovely Whitby for a day - I love the place and have done ever since I was in Middle School (yes, I'm that old) when we read "Room 13" as part of our English lessons and then scared ourselves silly visiting the attraction... fact, I plan on ordering the book before we go away, just so Charlie can read it and then will get the full Whitby experience too.

~ I'm certainly going to be reliving my youth by going a little 2p-slot-machine-crazy - it just has to be done at the seaside doesn't it.

~ But so does stuffing the face with delicious seaside donuts...I mean are you even on holiday if you don't do this?

~ I also want to read at least one book throughout my week away - I couldn't go on a holiday and not at least attempt this - however now that I have two children to be keeping amused and entertained any sit-back-relax-and-chill moments of my own may be somewhat limited - but rest assured, I will be trying.

~ I plan to enjoy some eating out too - cooking is not my forte at the best of times and it's not something I really enjoy doing, so on holiday, whilst it will obviously need to be done at some point, eating out wherever I can get away with will be my plan of action...

~ And then after all of that fabulous food what could be better than enjoying some long, picturesque, family walks in the lovely fresh air...

Exploring, taking in the lovely sights - it is just perfect holiday material if you ask me.

But by far, the most important aspect of any holiday for myself and my family - no matter if we are in the UK or abroad - will be to make sure that our two lovely kiddies make some magical, fun and exciting memories.

After all holidays and childhood are the perfect combination.

Let me know where you plan to head off to next

* a sponsored post - words & images 100% my own

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