Friday 28 July 2017

Brompton Lakes & Entertaining The Kiddies

One of the main things that can be a little tricky when staying away from home - especially with young kiddies in tow - is finding things to do to keep everyone occupied.

Especially with multiple children, there is then a need to find multiple activities to do.

And whilst entertaining Willow and Charlie at the same time can be fairly difficult - Charlie, although he loves spending time with his little sister, really doesn't want to be doing any of the things that keep her entertained anymore (oh thank you ten year age gap!), our recent stay at the amazingly pretty Brompton Lakes didn't present us with any issues in this area at all (or any issues full stop for that matter)...

Charlie - being the typical pre-teen that he is - was glued to his phone as much as we would let him be and because each of the lodges provides super fast, free and unlimited WiFi, it really did make things a lot easier and more relaxed for us...

...actually, never mind loving the WiFi just for Charlie, it was really blooming useful for myself and the Hubby too what with all of our social media uploading and evening blog post prepping...

Willow was more than happy when she discovered the TV in the lodge played her beloved CBeebies - in particular "Something Special" - and yes, I know, holiday's aren't meant for technology and TV - but do you know what, if it keeps them happy whilst we get ourselves ready or make a bite to eat or have a five minute cuppa and a chill, then do you know what, I'm all for it...

But what else did we have on offer?

Well, the lodge we stayed in - Jules - ( *sigh* - the ever amazing Jules) had it's own private hot tub and it was an absolute winner will all of us - Charlie just loved it and couldn't wait to get in on a morning and thought it was brilliant that we could sit out, under the trees, in the warm water whilst it rained around us...

It was really rather fabulous and was something we all enjoyed...
(although Willow wasn't in it for too long or whilst it was too warm)

The local village of Richmond was just a short drive away too and whilst we only headed there to stock up on essential snacks, we did spot a few lovely coffee shops which would have been perfect for a little family cake indulging, because who of any age doesn't enjoy a slice of cake or two.

But we decided to skip the cake and head back because well, we had goodies of our own to enjoy...

...and we wanted to spend as much time as possible at the lodge.

We spent the afternoon together watching the ducks and the rabbits, playing on the grass and just sitting outside on the decking, soaking up the sun.

Although we didn't venture down to the lakeside itself, the option to go paddling or fishing or wildlife spotting was there if we had wanted - something else for the whole family to partake in and enjoy together.

Brompton Lakes has earned itself another huge tick from us - there really was enough to do to keep children of all ages entertained at the same time, whilst still allowing the adults a little time for some rest and relaxation.

~ Happy people all round and I can't wait to go back ~

It really doesn't get much better than that now does it

* stay provided free of charge - all words, opinions & images 100% my own

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