Monday 7 August 2017

BoBo Buddies Toddler Backpack Reins - A Review Of Raffy

Oh the pure amazement felt when the fabulous world of baby reins heard - and answered - those silent pleas of mine - what a wonderful feeling it was.

...well, the 'silent pleas' were actually much more like 'internal cries of despair' at the discovery of my new, total lack of control over Willow now that she has finally found her feet.

It's as though all of those extra months she spent crawling and knee shuffling, refusing to use her legs are now all being made up for all in one big swoop.

She is very keen to explore, very keen to be down on her legs and oh my goodness she is very blooming speedy.

She is also a huge fan of legging it around our local supermarket, and whilst it is fabulous seeing her enjoying herself, racing off to scout out the latest Peppa or CBeebies magazine (she knows exactly where they are already) especially after so long spent worrying she would never find her feet, it is also a little scary because that one time I take just a fraction too long to turn my head, without a doubt she could be gone.

I love her having her fun and her freedom but it has to be safety first and so I was all set on investing in a cute little backpack/reins number one weekend fairly recently when BoBo Buddies contacted me and asked if we would like to have a little look at one of their toddler backpacks with reins sets.

Could it have been anymore perfect - Toddler Walking Gods, I thank you.

Honestly I was over the moon - especially when the backpack arrived - very speedily too I must add - and was as super adorable and cute as it was - everyone, meet Raffy The Giraffe...

Now Willow has a thing for animals right now and she loves Peppa's Gerald The Giraffe so I knew we would be on to a winner with this little guy (although there are another four animals to choose from), and I wasn't wrong, the second he was out of the box she was loving him, giving him kisses and cuddles - all way too blooming cute...

And any fears I may have had about her being 'difficult' when I tried to put the backpack on for the first time vanished immediately - she loved wearing it...

It suits her so well and just looks adorable.

So - time to test it out in the field, and what better place to start than her beloved supermarket.

Now the first time we tried it out I won't say it went smoothly or that Willow enjoyed having the new restrictions placed upon her - she didn't - and at one point I think she had circled me and was sprawled flat out on her back, having a mini-meltdown whilst I attempted to untangle myself from the reins strap, but now, she is slowly getting used to knowing what it is for.

I never want it to be about leashing her up but if it stops her disappearing around a corner, putting her in a dangerous position or if it means there is less risk of her slipping into the pond when we feed the ducks in the park or from disappearing over the edge of a cliff in the woods then yes, she most certainly will be wearing it...

I've found there's a real "peace of mind" element created when Willow wears this backpack - I can still keep hold of her and regain a little control over where she is going and what she is doing, however she still feels as though she has a level of freedom - freedom and independence she is now beginning to crave.

So it is a total win-win situation in my opinion.

The design of the BoBo Buddies backpack means that if we are having a run-free-and-enjoy-the-great-outdoors moment then the handle section can easily be unclipped and then clipped back on if needed really easily, but it is also really strong and sturdy too - no risk of it popping open unless I want it to...

The harness section fastens with a clip - easy and quick to open if the need arises - at the front of the body helping it to stay in place, as well as making it feel sturdier and safer too...

It really is an all round fabulous item, one that I haven't stopped using and one that has earned us a zillion oooh's and ahh's and compliments each and every time it has been worn.

It is lovely looking, super soft, cute and cuddly - a total essential to have with any toddler in my opinion, and people everywhere really do seem to appreciate the adorableness of lovely Raffy as much as we do.

BoBo Buddies - Thank You for creating such a toddler game-changing product

* item sent for review purposes - all words, thoughts & images are 100% my own

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