Wednesday 18 April 2018

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Well hello - it's been a little while (again!) since any of my words graced these here pages now hasn't it.

And - once again - I am here, tail well and truly between my legs, ready to tell all about yet another of my failed attempts to get myself fit.

In my defence though I have been a whole lot more busy than usual (is that even a possibility?!) adding yet more tasks and plans and things to think about onto my plate.

But regardless to all of that, off I went and signed myself back up to the gym where I got busy highlighting all of the classes I wanted to attend, making sure to jot down their times in my weekly planner too.
I was there, ready, waiting, fully motivated and totally "in the zone"...

...and then I took on full-day long courses - all of which came with pages of homework to plough through too...

I mean, what on earth was I thinking?

I had even managed to sign my twelve year old son up to the gym too to be my workout buddy.
I mean he's obviously age restricted with what he is allowed to do whilst he is there at the moment (no weights) as well as only being allowed in during certain times (no evenings) but the method to my madness was totally justified.

Before I ever agreed to it or even mentioned it to him my son was really eager to join up and because I was rather eager to re-join myself it made perfect sense for us both to go together.

I found it really nice having some time just to us - we very rarely manage much quality time on our own anymore because I'm never away from the toddler, so to have the odd hour spent laughing and chatting to one another (and exercising too of course!) has been pritty amazing.

But then life stepped in and messed the whole plan up again didn't it.

Christmas came along - Christmas and its surrounding weeks of eating everything calorific in sight.

And I put weight on.

And quite a bit of weight too at that meaning that now I'm way over two stone away from my target weight and over a stone heavier than the lowest sticker I have on the front of my Slimming World book...

Whyyyy do I do it to myself - I was there, in touching distance of that goal and now I'm so far away again, but there is no one else to blame but myself.

And because of all of this added weight I noticed that whilst I was at the gym all of my usually wobbly bits now wobble that little bit more than they did on "Gym Sign Up Day" and I don't like it one little bit.

It's totally knocked my confidence and I've started to put off the gym as much as I can because I feel so out of place and uncomfortable in my own skin.

So, when I was sent a few snazzy Reebok gym pieces from to have a look at I was really rather intrigued as to whether they would help reset my focus...

...until that is I saw just how elastic and body-con body they actually were - the thought of pulling them on over all of my lumps and bumps and then parading around actually filled me full of terror.

I mean I never wear any kind of tight tops and shorts....eek...well my legs were not made for shorts - especially not the tight fitting, clingy, shorter-than-short-type-shorts anyway...

Especially when I find myself looking and feeling not at my best.

But, as if by magic, a *ta-da* moment hit  - what if I were to find that both of the Reebok items I was sent actually made for some great support wear going under my gym clothes?!

~ Amazing eh ~

So off to the gym I went, all supported and double gym-layered up with my Reebok Tee and shorts acting like a second skin under my gym clothes and do you know what, it actually worked.

I wobbled about a whole lot less.

I found the pieces to be comfortable, not restrictive in the slightest and they didn't make me sweat (not anymore than I should have been doing  anyway) and - most importantly for me - they held a few more of those wobbles in place without being tight or uncomfortable.

They were brilliant.

Both pieces are described as "stretch performance" pieces - which totally explains how they shape and stretch to fit to the body giving them their brilliant supportive powers.

They are certainly a regular part of my gym kit now and the confidence I've found through wearing them means I'm back to dragging my son out of the door onto the treadmill as often as I can.

Thank you lots

*PR samples sent for review purposes - all words, images & thoughts 100% my own

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