Monday 3 May 2021

Cold Weather Ready

At the grand old (!!) age of thirty-five, I've come to accept that I'm never going to be a mega, huge fashion-type blogger.

Not in this lifetime anyway.

I mean I know I'm never actually going to be a massively successful blogger of anything - which is more than fine, I am still very much loving re-finding my little adding-to-the-internet hobby - but fashion, well this is a definite no-no, I'm just not "that girl".

However, that being said, I do still love clothes and do really love shopping, it's just now that I have "A Willow", I never ever get the opportunity to leisurely wander the shops like I once did (and obviously all spare money lands at the children's wardrobes and not my own), so when I was recently given the opportunity from JD Williams to have a browse of their clothing options online and then pick out a few pieces (extremely kind of them don't ya think) for myself I was a very happy bunny.

And yes, out of everything that there was on offer - and there were some really nice pieces to suit my age range too - where did I home in immediately?

Yeah, straight onto the hoodies and the coats...

Fashionista I am not but a comfy hoody wearing person I most certainly am and, realistically, why would I not be?

I mean I have woods to explore...

...and leaves to sweep...

...and fallen trees to balance on...

I'm a Mum and whilst I know I really should spend more time and effort on myself, in "real life" that's just not going to happen yet.

I love not having to feel restricted or have to worry about what I'm wearing when I'm darting around the house at 6am in a morning or running around a park mid-afternoon after an overly energetic three-year-old.

I like the fact - at 5am especially - that dragging on a hoody is a lot less time consuming than actually making an effort would be.

And, very luckily for me then, JD Williams actually sent me the perfect gift - a fabulous, lilac-coloured Ellesse number that is super soft, super comfy, super easy to wear and it allows me to go weekend exploring in comfort and in warmth.

Then, when you add in their fab Trespass parka (I do love me a good parka!) well, the warmth factor is helped greatly.

What I do love too about this jacket is that it really isn't bulky at all like others jackets I've had in the past - after legging it around a field after the gleefully cackling daughter, when I'm feeling more than a little hot-under-the-collar, it really wouldn't be a problem to take this off and carry it around - even with an almost three stone little person wedged under my other arm...

It's perfect!

...and it looks rather fab too (if I do say so myself!)...

Here's to a lot more hoody and parka wearing days!

* items gifted, sent free-of-charge but all words, thoughts & opinions are 100% my own

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