Monday 24 August 2020

Well Hello There Again You Lovely Blogging Lot

Well, hello - how the devil are you all doing!!?

Its been almost one whole year - and what a bloody year it's been for us all eh - since I last accessed these pages.

And everything has changed - blogger's different, my DA is almost non-existent, my stats are basically bloody zero - I don't even know if I even remember how to change the thoughts in my head into words in a post anymore.

But here I am, trying again because, well, why not - I really want to give it all another shot.

I make no pretences that I'll be sticking to any kind of a regular schedule - I'll be picking up the laptop as and when my whirlwind of a daughter lets me (and I may even fill you in on all of her goings-on too - remember those Baby Baker Friday days - awww bless - they feel like a lifetime ago!)

So let me know if I've missed anything, if there is anything I need to know if I'm re-dipping my toe into this blogging world...

Any hints? Any Tips? Any help?...


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