Friday 21 May 2021

Handy Home Painting Hacks

If you're anything like me, a total newbie DIY-home painter, or, again, if you're like me and you totally hate doing it, then it's very easy to become frustrated with it, to totally lack any type of inspiration and to not be as creative as you may WANT to be.

Well, I recently stumbled across a few tips to help anyone - even me - become a pro home painter in no time...

Use waterproof paints...

You may pick up any type of paint due to not having a clue what you really need (that would be me) but, as I've discovered, this is just a way to end up causing more work for the future when you're putting the mistakes right.

Waterproof paints, like Bitumen paint, are effective at resisting water damage and corrosion and they can be used anywhere in the home and will be much longer-lasting too - so no need to be refreshing the paint all of the time (win win in my book!) 

Use tape around the skirting boards...

When it comes to painting skirting it would just be a slap-dash, freehand job for me and this is all well and good I suppose, if you have the steadiest hand in the world (I don't!).

But painting like this can lead to disaster - especially if you have painted the wall already and taken an age to do it properly - trust me, you're going to want to use tape.

It will ensure that the paint stays in a straight line and won't ruin all your hard work - just make sure to apply the tape to the edges before painting and wait until it is fully dry to remove. 

Paint a door without removing the hinges...

Painting a door is necessary but can take a lot of time and effort.

You often think that to paint a door perfectly you need to remove it from the hinges, but actually you can do it without taking the door off at all (thank god, who's got time for that).

Instead, add tape to the metal hinges and paint over them, then when the paint is dry it will be easy to trim the edges of the tape and peel it away, leaving a perfectly painted door and frame. 

Use long rollers for the ceiling...

A pro painting hack for the ceilings is to use a roller and to do it quickly use an extended roller - no need risking breaking a bone balancing on chairs that way.

The long stick can be used to effortlessly (or so they say!) to roll the ceiling while you are standing safely on the floor - and it makes the job much quicker and easier too. 

Use fabric softener to clean brushes...

Thinking of painting but then discover your old brushes are hard and unusable because you didn't clean them last time round?

Story of my decorating life.

But, by using fabric softener then can be brought back to life again.

Simply remove all of the old paint left over by mixing some fabric softener with warm water and the old paint and dirt will loosen easily. 

Fabulous, eh.

Improving your home has never been easier than with these handy paint hacks, and now, instead of dreading the next time you need a change of colour in a room, utilize these hacks and see how much easier the task is.

I'm all for making life easier for myself I know that much...


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