Wednesday 26 May 2021

Summer Holiday Prep

Right, so - even though it currently doesn't look possible with the wet, cold weather we're having - summer is right around the corner.

I wish - more than anything actually - that we were going away this year, but I don't think it will be possible but, if you're a summer person, you may have a whole long list - a summer bucket list so to speak - of things you really want to do once the sun is shining...

~ holiday's

~ day trips

~ BBQ's with friends

~ afternoons in the pub

...sounds like bliss...

However, with a family of little people to consider these things are slightly harder to do and plans tend to surround the smaller humans you have and the things they love to do.

There tends to be less time to be spontaneous and a lot more to consider...

Your Destination
Everyone's Age and Holiday-Wants
The cost
How to get there
Compromise !!!

Choosing a family destination is typically a challenging task. Everyone's suggestion need to be looked at - try to list the pros and cons for each destination and then decide which place will favor more people.

Younger family members will often focus on fancy children’s destinations like Disneyland - Willow asked me just this morning if we could go here soon to see the Princesses - but the older kiddies may steer away from this.

Having a destination which caters for both age ranges will really help avoid arguments!.

Then there is money - finances can sometimes limit holiday time and choice.

But if you start saving early enough for the perfect trip and steer away from last-minute cheap-holiday-grabs there's less chance of getting stuck with a trip you hate, so set destination goals early enough to help with holiday planning

Choosing how you will get to your destination can be an adventure of its own - something I would LOVE to own would make travel an amazing part of any holiday for sure and that's looking at Adria Motorhomes for Sale to totally spice up your trip.

These spacious homes can be best for camping or glamping on the beach or in the woods which would provide the perfect budget-friendly, fun holiday.

And then there is that amazing art of teaching your family compromise.

Hard work it is, but it is essential to keep the peace even when things don't quite go somebody's way...

This is an art I'm still very much learning I must admit...

Here's to planning an amazing Summer for all...


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