Friday, 28 November 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, I've been a little AWOL this week from my blog and I really haven't been "blogging capable".

I have wanted to be able to though - I've just been soooo blooming busy.

Too busy to blog?

Scandalous I know!

But it's most definitely been worth it.

Because as I type this, I'm sat in a very pretty cottage in Osmotherley - thanks to the brilliant Sykes Cottages - surrounded by alcohol, lovely food and lots of greenery with seven lovely ladies.

~ Five of said ladies are sat with me, music on in the background, totally putting the whole wide world to rights
(as you do!)


~ Two lovelies are busy in the kitchen, cooking up a real storm for all of our teas
(I did offer to help - honestly!)

So my busy, busy, busy week has consisted of food shopping, DVD buying and new PJ purchasing.

~ New PJs make me so happy ~

Naturally these are all very reasonable excuses to have been forced to step away from the blog for a little while.

But to make up for this I thought it would be nice to give you a little sneaky peak into what will no doubt be a very eventful, very fun and quite possibly (most definitely!) an intoxicated weekend

And all of which will obviously be all over my blog next week.

Cheers to the weekend


  1. I can't believe you blogged this so ready! You're so clever :DDDD

    Corinne x

    1. Just a sneaky peek post. :) xx

    2. I can't believe you blogged it...and then you saw it already!

    3. Thought I'd get a quick post in! :)

  2. Why have you done this so quickly, waaaaa. I love your pictures... I may have to steal some. I didn't take any... :O

    Dannie x

    1. Haha - I did this Friday night when we were in the house. Next ones up tomorrow. I need to pinch photos too - took very few. :( xx


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