Wednesday 3 December 2014

Chester Zoo - A Day Trip Decider Kind Of A Day

It feels like way too long since I sat and actually wrote something substantial on my blog.

I've really missed rambling on everyday.

But here I am - back again - and what better way to jump back into "regular blogging" than to let you in on yet another brilliant day out I had recently with the family at none other than...


If you saw my recent post regarding the Cotton Traders Day Trip Decider then you'll know that after clicking all of my preferences, it was decided that my best suited day trip should be to pop along to Chester Zoo and take a little peek at all of the fantastic animals.

No grumbling from me on this one - I love animals.

AND those lovely Cotton Trader people even paid for me to do so too!

How fab is that

So, one fairly chilly Sunday morning, my little family of three took a little drive on over to Chester, and were very pleased to find that the Zoo was fairly (although not completely) deserted.

Much smaller queues and less crowds than in the summer months - which was a very welcome bonus.

Although we have visited before, we had lots of fun taking another little peek into the world of these amazing animals.

We particularly enjoyed watching the family of elephants interacting with each other - the baby struggling to not be pushed into the water by the adult was certainly a highlight.

Absolutely adorable

I also really quite surprisingly found myself transfixed with the giraffes and I am certain that this was my first close-up experience with them

I found them fascinating...and a little strange if I'm totally honest.

However, the strangest part of the day by far simply had to be the delve into the darkness that we took when we stepped into the home of the bats.

My goodness

If there was to ever be a moment which proved my incapability at ever being able to step foot into the I'm A Celebrity jungle then this was it.

Terrified is not the word

There were bats - and I mean LOTS of bats - just flying around, all free to swoop down and threaten to land on the poor, unsuspecting public at any second...and in the dark too...


It was crazy

Naturally I had my hood up, buttons obviously fastened as far as they would go, totally covering my face for maximum Bat-Protection.

Yep -  I'm a wimp - and I don't even care.

I didn't wimp out one little bit when it came to gazing adoringly at the beautiful big cats though I must say.

Although I do really wish they were wild and roaming free, I still can't help but admire their beauty.

I mean just look at this stunner...

...he stepped onto the rock, had a little pose and then wandered away again...


Another one of our favourite things to see simply had to be all of the different monkeys...all of them...they are just so cheeky and really funny to watch.

I particularly love the little Capuchins - they remind me so much of The Night At The Museum movie - but all of them are just great.

I mean look at the teeny baby playing in the swing

~ C U T E ~

We had a really fantastic, un-stressful day out at Chester Zoo and all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I love how the educational element during visits such as these is tucked away, hiding in amongst all of the fun and adventuring too

Education, all hidden and on the sly?

What a brilliant idea.

Thanks for a fab day out Chester Zoo...and for making it happen Cotton Traders

* tickets provided by Cotton Traders Day Trip Decider. Pictures & thoughts are all genuine & my own

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