Tuesday 25 November 2014

Snapfish - Personalised Gifts Review

~ Eeeekk ~

! Check out today's date !

It is now exactly one month until Christmas Day

~ How exciting ~

However, as exciting as this obviously is, the realisation has also now hit me that I have still yet to buy any Christmas gifts.

I have none...nope...not one...


Strangely though, I don't seem to feel at all stressed about my lack of gift buying - not in the slightest.

Which is very unheard of for me.

And I'm going to certainly offer up a little bit of "Thanks" to Snapfish for a portion of this overly calm demeanour.

They are just so blooming easy to work with - total stress eliminators.

I must admit though, I hadn't actually heard of Snapfish before, but after speaking to family and friends it would seem that I was very much in the minority as everyone seems to love them and all of their personalised loveliness.

Where on earth have I been??

Anyway, I jumped at the chance to have a little delve into the on-line, digital, personalisation world that is Snapfish and create a few masterpieces of my own.

Although I don't have a great many photographs saved onto my computer, I found it very easy to access pictures to use via my Facebook page - Snapfish allows selected snaps in albums saved on Facebook to be accessed and used by them.

And they upload very quickly too (always a plus point).

Once the pictures were safely sat in my Snapfish folder, it was just a case of choosing the products I wanted, placing the pictures in their desired location and - HEY PRESTO - pretty items created.

I chose to make two personalised calenders - one a more family orientated one, which will be perfect for our kitchen at home and the other, a lovely desk calender, ideal for work so I can brighten up my office all year round.

Both calender designs can be snipped, edited, moved and tweaked to make sure the finished style is exactly how it needs to be.

The overall finish is very clear and the calendars themselves are really sturdy too.


Then, I opted to make a few little bits to team with my work calender creation - perfect to bring a little bit of myself into my work space.

The brilliant, pink bordered mouse mat has made a fab addition to my desk and is a real talking point with everyone who sees it.

The surface is really soft and smooth, and even though the photographs are printed onto a material, they are still perfectly clear and easy to see.

I just love it

And as I do love pink, I added another item bordered with the lovely colour - a fantastic, glossy mug, again covered in a whole host of my son's piccys...I was even able to add a little text to it too.

What a perfectly complementing pair

...even if I do say so myself...

To totally finish off my personalisation frenzy, I added two lovely little key-rings into the mix too.

One of just my son - which I gave to the Hubby, and one of my son and my Hubby - for me.


I do actually love Snapfish now.

They were so quick and easy to work with - from the initial design stage right through to delivery - everything was easy with no fuss at all and the finished products were great - just as expected and of a really high quality,


What's more, this whole order - including delivery - came to the very reasonable price of £40

Not bad, not bad at all.

Now that I know what there is on offer, I think Snapfish will definitely be helping me make some very lovely, very thoughtful Christmas gifts which will undoubtedly make a lot of people smile.

No wonder I'm not worried about my Christmas shopping this year

* gifts provided free of charge for a honest review of items and ordering - words and photos all my own

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