Tuesday 27 August 2013

Book Review

Well, seeing as my journey in reviewing began 8 months ago when I was given the fantastic opportunity to became a part of Orchard Book Club, I thought I should share with you a review of a book I posted on Goodreads earlier this week.

I highly recommend the book, and currently have the author's second book "Roadrage" in my possession, which I can not wait to begin.

Niedermyer & Hart

I absolutely loved, loved, loved this book!

It is a real page turner and had me gripped from the beginning. I really could not, and simply, DID NOT want to put it down.

'Niedermayer and Hart' is a brilliantly exciting horror story, that you can not fail to be drawn into. The story develops the concept of friendship, and strong bonds formed between individuals, and explores just how far people will go to help those that they love when they are in need.
Even if this connection of friendship has been stretched over hundreds of years.

The story focuses on Jim Latimer, a photographer, who, after suffering with alcoholism, has lost his career and his marriage, but is desperately trying to rebuild his life, and move away from the destruction caused by his addiction.
It seems to Jim, that through a chance job offer to photograph a porcelain brochure for the company of 'Niedermayer & Hart', that he has been given the opportunity he has been waiting for. He relishes the opportunity and throws himself into his work, wanting to prove himself to his new employers, as well as to his friends and family.

However, whilst carrying out this seemingly straight forward job, Jim comes to realise that his new employers are not all that they portray themselves to be. Jim, along with his close friends, are dragged helplessly into a supernatural world of horror, murder and suspense, all hiding within the cellar of the elegant, prestigious 'Niedermayer & Hart' headquarters.

As I stated previously, I really loved this book! If you are a fan of horror, murder, the supernatural and a little bit of gore, then you will love it too.

The story is very well written. The plot is very well developed, and the characters are very believable and "real". Each character reacts to the idea of a supernatural force being presented to them in a different way, dependent upon their lives and experiences - very much as it would be within the "real world" if this were to happen.

Within the book, the author told two very different stories, set in very different times, of very different people. However, the way these stories gradually merge together, very cleverly, builds up to a fantastic climax, that brings together the past and the present in order to try to rid the world of the horror that has been uncovered.
I loved this aspect of the story, and found it very clever. It helped to give the story a great deal of dept and meaning.

I must admit, whilst reading this story, there were many a "jaw-drop" moment, many a gasp, and many a "hold my breath" moment, which I think speaks volumes in itself to how I felt about this book! :)

It is a very captivating, exciting read and I highly recommend it - 5*

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