Saturday 31 August 2013

Glammed Up

Last week, I posted, stressing a tad about the slow delivery of an outfit I needed for "a 'do" I was going to this weekend.
In all honesty, the delivery probably wasn't slow at all.  I was just far too impatient to be waiting for it!!  :)

Well, the outfit arrived, the event day arrived, I ate too much food, drank too much alcohol, went to bed far too late, and then - the hangover happened (apologies for the lack of posts this weekend - the alcohol hurt me too much to do anything!!).

And now it's time for the post to happen!  :)

The event that I attended was a Sportsman's Dinner at The Bradford Bulls Stadium.

Really, I think it was just an excuse for people to get together, eat food, drink far, FAR too much alcohol, and then bust out some pretty embarrassing moves on he dance floor.
Myself very much included in all of the above.... *embarrassment*

But it was fun and helped raise some money for the local rugby teams.  To be honest, it was a brilliant excuse to buy a 'proper' dress and enjoy the chance to get a bit 'glammed' up for a change.

So obviously a little bit of preparation is needed in the "Getting Ready" department for something like this, and my first stop was to visit my lovely hairdresser, Gemma.

Now Gemma is very well aware I usually like my hair poker straight.  I've had it chemically straightened by her a few times, so when I explained that I wanted a little bit of a change and fancied some loose waves instead, I think she could sense my nerves.

But as ever, she put my mind at ease and using GHDs, turned my usually poker straight hair into this:

Nothing too over the top - I'm not a fan of the ringlet/'Curly Sue look'!!

I really liked it.

Despite my hair being really heavy and thick, the curls lasted all night and I even managed a nice wavy ponytail the next day (not that I was well enough to go anywhere to show it off...!!)

So back at home, it was time for some make up.  I'm not a fan of too much, but I do like to do my eye-shadow a little bit different for a night out.
I used three colours from a colour palette I've had in my make up bag for quite a while, and started by covering my whole eyelid with a really light, pale beige colour.
Next, I swept a medium brown from halfway across my lid to the outside corner, and then to the very corner of each eye, I added a dark brown, which created a slight "smokey eye" effect.
By using three different colours in a similar tone, I ended up with a 3-tone effect across the eyelid, and was quite pleased I'd managed it.

I added black eyeliner to my lash lines to help open my eyes up a little, and carefully finished off by coating my lashes with black Clinique mascara.
!Eyes Done!

The rest of my face was quick and easy really.  A little bit of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation on my face to cover imperfections and give a base for the rest of my make-up.  Then a dusting of bronzer all over my face to add colour and a little shimmer, topped off with a subtle amount of a rosy pink blusher to the cheekbones.

I used my favorite shade of lip gloss on my lips- Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamonds 'Crystal Amethyst' - which is a lovely deep purple colour - it really does sparkle and stays put for ages.  Love it - a few of the other ladies took a shine to it too.

Next up - The outfit.

A lot of the ladies that were attending the dinner had told me previously that they were intending to wear varying black dresses.  As much as I love a classic black dress myself, I'm not too keen on following the crowd, and prefer to be a little bit different.

So I opted for a bright red ASOS maxi dress, complete with thigh high split!
The dress fit perfectly.  I ordered a size bigger than usual, just so it wasn't uber clingy, and loved it.  The top of the dress is in a 'wrap style' and to stop any embarrassing moments I opted to safety pin the gap closed a little more.  But I don't think this took anything away from the style or the 'flow' of the dress at all.

And the belt.  I just love it.  It's plain, a full metal plate, and fastens with a chain clip at the back.  It is really classic and I can see me updating a lot of the dresses in my wardrobe with it.
A tad pricey, but I will wear it to death.

I accessorised with gold - gold bangles, a large gold ring, the beautiful gold metal belt, gold barely there heels and a gold clutch bag.

  • Red Love ASOS Dress - £32 - ASOS
  • Full Metal Gold Belt - £30 - ASOS
  • Clutch Bag - (an old one I've had quite a long time)
  • Large Gold Ring - £2 - Primark
  • Bangles - a selection I've had a while - probably from New Look/Primark

Naturally my nails had to match too - bright red with a gold "bling bling" sparkly one on each hand.
I absolutely, 100% can not grow my own nails long at all, so I visit the lovely Kayleigh and have acrylic tips.
I know they aren't the best for my own nails...but they look so pretty, and I just love them.
I'm a little bit of a stick-in-the-mud when it comes to my nail colour though.  I usually just opt for red or black... I think I need to branch out a little bit and experiment with nail colour for definate....

Hope you like!

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