Monday 2 September 2013

Monday, Monday, Monday


...that dreaded day of the week for many, and today was no different for me.  In fact it's been a pritty full-on stressful, rush of a Monday to be fair.  So much so in fact, that by lunch time, I was ready to crawl onto the sofa with a large mug of coffee, watch a movie and not move a muscle for the rest of the day.

!Like that was going to happen!

So, what made this Monday so rubbish?

Well first and foremost, this is THE last Monday of these six week holidays.  Now I know this won't seem like much to non-school working people, but for me its a H-U-G-E deal.  Having six weeks away from work in a big chunk makes going back a little bit hard to face.  It means there shall be no more slobbing around in my PJ's until lunch time, no more mooching around the park with my son at a leisurely pace and basically, no more pleasing myself.
Nope - on this day next week, I shall be back in the thick of it, running around a high school.

This holiday has definitely flow by.

So, whats next?
Ah yes, my son's uniform.  As always, I just HAD to leave something until the v-e-r-y last moment, and today it was the arduous task of sorting out school uniform trousers.
Why-oh-why I didn't use my initiative and sort these out earlier I'll never know.  Somehow, leaving finding the correct colour, size, and style of trousers (all with said child in tow might I add) right until the day before school started again, must have seemed like a good idea when the holidays started.
Pushing things just a tad I think.

Then with slightly elevated stress levels, it was time for my weekly Slimming World weigh in.
This is always a tense moment in the week, however I was very pleased to actually loose weight this week.  Not so pleased that said weight loss was 1/2lb.... I mean really... not even a full pound - just half of one.... *ppfffttt*.

Anyway, after all of this, imagine how happy and absolutely elated I was when I arrived home to find I had gifts waiting for me.  Not just one lovely surprise either, but two...and Christmas is a long way away yet!

The first lovely gift was a gorgeous BeTrousse Glamour and Glitz Box that was given to me by the lovely Kelly at KelLoves.

 Kelly attend the Leeds Meet Up this weekend, organised by the lovely Hayley at Tea Party Beauty.
I felt like a very lucky lady to have been given an invite to join everyone at the meet up, especially seeing as I'm so much of a newbie to the blogging world.  Unfortunately, rugby had already booked up my weekend, so I had to politely (and begrudgingly I'll tell you!) decline this fantastic invite.  But Kelly, being the very generous lady that she is, saved the BeTrousse Box she received in one of her goodie bags, and passed it onto little old me.

How absolutely lovely is that.

I've had a little look through the box already, and have lathered one arm in the lovely moisturiser I found in there and I have to say, I smell quite fantastic - I cant wait to use more of it.

I'm going to have a real look through the goodies and I'll review the other fantastic products later this week.

My second gift of the evening came all the way from the USA!!  One of the other lovely ladies - Tina - who is a member of The Orchard Book Club decided to treat us UK members and shipped these lovely wine glasses from all those many miles away!! I love it - its very girly, very feathery and very pink!  Beautiful.
It also looks as though it could hold half a bottle of fizz at least....  :)
I wonder what Tina is trying to say...

I do feel like a very lucky lady this evening and needless to say, my Monday has improved 100%.
Thank you so much Kelly & Tina.

Oh - AND to top things off,  I opened the freezer and found a stash of frozen Curly Wurly's in there!!
Any Slimming World-ers out there will understand this joy at finding a low-syn chocolate treat you'd forgotten about, especially one that lasts ages.


So now I'm now off to slob on the sofa, enjoy my guilt free chocolate whilst smelling beautifully of Mango & Safflower.

Happy Days!

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