Wednesday 16 October 2013

A Bit Of A "Bad Skin Day"

I'm having a little bit of a crisis this week and my face seems to think I am thirteen again and hitting puberty for the first time.
Why oh why I need this face full of spots at my age is beyond me.

Well...when I think about it, I do know why they've appeared - and it is all of my own fault.
I've totally brought it on myself by not rushing to the supermarket and re-stocking on my miracle  cure face cleanser the second the last tube ran out.

Lesson well and truly learnt.

But I now have a new tube and wont allow myself to be without it from here on in.

Being a bit of a gym bunny, I have days when I am faced with a pritty disgusting issue to be fair.  
I can spend at least an hour at a time jumping around, squatting or sprinting around a room, obviously creating vast amounts of sweat which simply drips continuously down my face.

Very yak I know!

Doing this day after day, is naturally going to take it's toll on my skin, and if it isn't dealt with properly, will cause nasty spot breakouts.

Which is why I am left trying to rectify my little issue today.

So, the Miracle Cure comes in the form of this, Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Face Scrub, which is a very reasonale £3.50 for 150ml, and can be found at a whole host of high street stores.
I purchased mine from my local Tesco.

Whilst the name of this scrub explains exactly what it does - it focuses mainly on getting rid of nasty blackheads, which I reckon it does do very well, it also helps stop those nasty bright red spots popping up too.

The nasty sweat build up caused by the gym, is scrubbed away by the exfoliating orangey micro-beads, unclogging the pores and helping to stop spots of all varieties from sprouting up all over my face.


The cleansing scrub has a nice pleasant scent, and is gentle enough to use daily - which is just as well really!
After using it, my skin always feels fresh and clean.

I have never had dry skin after using this either, which has been known to happen with other products in the past.

It simply strips all the sweat, gunk and yakiness out of my pores, leaving cleanliness and freshness behind.

And I WILL NOT be without it again.

Simply perfect for washing away a good old gym session

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