Tuesday 1 October 2013

A Little Outfit

!Happy 1st October Everyone!

Being the first day of the tenth month, there is officially only one day and two months left before my birthday. 

 And my Big 3-0 Birthday at that

I always tend to plan nights out and then can never be bothered at the last minute, but I'm really thinking I HAVE to celebrate this milestone properly and not just let it pass me by.

But what to do....

After visiting Huddersfield a few weeks ago for the first time for the brilliant Jack Flash gig at Verve, and having heard good things about the rest of the nightlife in the town, I'm thinking of heading there for a bit of a drunken night out....ooooh... I'm already feeling sorry for my poor head the day after.

So that leads me into thinking - what does one wear to celebrate their 30th?

 I recently saw a beautiful dress at Dainty Dolls Boutique and I figured I should plan a little bit of an outfit around it.  One glitzty and glam enough for A Birthday Girl.
Plus, styling outfits seems to be a new found favourite of mine at the moment.

A little bit of black on gold

Dainty Dolls have some beautiful pieces - all very glam and A-List, but at really affordable prices.  I would team this very blingy dress with really simple, un-fussy items - all those sequins need to speak for themselves.

And black seems to work well - simple yet classic - Killer, high cuff heels, Huge, leather plain clutch bag and a big Statement Ring from Mango, all found at the wonderful ASOS

This dress really is beautiful...but is it too much?  Too short?  Too little fabric for a lady who is *gulp* leaving her twenties behind??

I have a few months left to decide

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