Friday 4 October 2013

Moo Restaurant Pre - Opening Event

I had the brilliant fortune of being invited, once again, by the lovely Kelly to a pre-opening event of a new barbecue restaurant in our very own town of Bradford recently.

Moo Restaurant
47, Highfield Road
BD10 0QH
01274 611111

Absolutely starving, I was extremely excited about popping along to sample some good grub - and I wasn't dissapointed at all.

We had a little bit of difficulty finding the restaurant at first, but then we spotted the huge yellow and black sign, and knew we had reached our destination.

Walking into Moo Restaurant, the atmosphere was a little quite and still, but this was obviously down to it being everybody's first night and their trial run before the official opening.  A little bit of music and a few more customer's soon livened the place up.

We were shown to our booth really quickly and directed towards the bar to order drinks by the very friendly waiting staff.

In fact, everyone was really polite and friendly - and I loved the uniforms the staff wore!  They were really smart - I particularly liked the little Moo Tie's the waiting staff wore - they certainly made them look the part.

The waitress assigned to look after us and our table was such a polite young lady called Sharini.  She was very smiley, welcoming and accommodating - everything you'd expect when you are out for a meal - with a little bit of an added extra sparkle.

So now for the main event:

The Food

The menu was really extensive and I had real difficulty in choosing what to order.  Unfortunately, I had to re-think what I wanted, as steaks were off the menu for this event, and I had been desperate to try one all day.

I will just have to go back again to give them a whirl I think.

Naturally, no steak means "order a starter too" in my book... so I did.

And very un-lady like of me, I devoured a plate of very messy, sticky American Buffalo Chicken Wings which were covered in Moo's own buffalo sauce.

I had the sauce all over I'm afraid - fingers, hands, face... but it was all good!
These chicken wings were some of the best I've ever tasted, and they were massive too.


The hardest decision for me was the main course and whether I should opt for a very healthy Grilled Chicken Salad, a healthy BBQ Salmon Steak, or forget the "healthy" word altogether, and have a total burger fest blow out...

A 6oz "Create-Your Own" Beef Burger with a choice of three "toppers" won over, with minimal self-persuasion I must admit.

Moo's burgers are made with 100% juicy, well seasoned Yorkshire beef; are served with a lovely fresh coleslaw and a side order of the most delicious, moreish, triple cooked chips I have ever tasted.

Add to this your own combination of three "toppers" from the huge list of twenty four that are available - I chose pulled pork (you need to try this - it is gorgeous!), caramalised onions and chilli cheese - and you have a burger fit for a King

I began slipping into a happy-hazy-dazy food coma about half way through the burger, and I'm ashamed to admit that I just couldn't finish it.  Which wasn't for the want of trying - it was some pritty immense food I had in front of me, I was just so s-t-u-f-f-e-d!!

But not so stuffed that I could resist ordering a pudding.

My initial choice of chocolate fudge cake lost out I'm afraid, simply due to me being so full up, so I went for a really nice portion of apple tart with raspberry cream.

It did the trick, light, delicious and very sweet - and I managed to eat the lot!

Payment tonight was a little different to normal, a contribution was made by each diner based on what we thought we should pay for our meal, and then Moo kindly donated all of the money raised to local charity, Martin House Children's Hospice - which is an amazing gesture.

Being the oh-so-nosy person that I am, I spent a little bit of time between courses having a little look around the restaurant.  I particularly enjoyed watching the drinks being made at the bar, and if it hadn't have been a Monday night, I would have been swayed to try one of the amazing, fancy cocktails the bar manager was mixing up.

There was a lot of ice shaking, juice draining action going on - very professional.
The finished cocktails were little works of art too.

The whole meal was really well presented, well cooked and tasted just divine.

I know I'll be back with the rest of my household in tow quite soon.

I have a feeling The Husband may want to enter the "Boy Meats Man Tower Burger Challenge" -
£40.00 to eat eight 6oz burgers, each with three toppers, a double basket of triple cooked chips and a double helping of coleslaw - all to win a t-shirt and a place on Moo's WALL OF FAME.

I'm not too sure that he, or anyone for that matter, would clear the first hurdle on this little challenge though..!

Moo Restaurant opens it's doors this evening - so be sure to get in touch and book a slot - you definitely don't want to miss out.

Amazing food, a great atmosphere, friendly staff and reasonable prices - what more can you ask for!

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