Saturday 26 October 2013

Elemis Event

Approaching the Big 3-0 has made me a tad conscious about the fact that I am really, actually, undoubtedly getting older now.
Older in the fact that I'm going to start noticing changes in my skin before too long - most obviously, the dreaded wrinkles!


With this terrible thought in mind, I know that I really really do need to be taking a lot better care of my skin than I do at the moment.
I'm absolutely terrible and I'll hold my hands up and admit that now, because I have officially been shown the light!

And I was so helpfully guided into it by some extremely lovey ladies, who I found tucked away in the corner of Harvey Nichols in Leeds at the skincare haven that is Elemis.

Elemis is the leading British luxury skincare and spa brand around.
Using a combination of the most cutting edge technology and totally natural ingredients, Elemis offer a range of the most influential anti-ageing and spa products the market has yet to see.

Elemis pride themselves on having a totally non-chemical ingredient base, and recognise the need for products that fit into people's hectic lifestyles.

With me being on the lower end of the budget scale, I hadn't heard of this brand before the event, but now I think I may have developed my first ever "Brand Crush".

Everything was absolutely amazing and I genuinely could have spent a lot of money in store, but I had to rein myself in, and I kept the thought in mind that Christmas is just around the corner, and hopefully my loved ones will be feeling pritty generous.

Upon arrival at Elemis we were greeted with a flute of champagne - always a winner - and asked to fill in a few details about ourselves which were entered into a prize draw later in the evening.

As we sat and chatted, waiting for other guests to arrive, we were given some beautiful chocolate and strawberry covered rice cakes.  I will admit, I did go back again and again - the strawberry ones were my absolute favourite.

Very Yummy.

The lovely ladies at Elemis then treated us to a fantastic demonstration of some of the products that they have on offer, including some new, extremely excellent value for money Christmas gift sets.

We tested a range of the products on our hands and were taught the best way to use each one in order to get the maximum benefits.

I think I had the softest, most beautiful smelling, healthiest looking hands in Leeds that evening, and can only imagine how great the rest of my body would feel after using all of these lovely products.

I totally fell in love with more than a few things, and the top of my list was taken over by the amazing spa@home Body Exotics Range.

The Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow and the Exotic Frangipani Monoi Body Oil totally won me over.

  I don't think I've ever found any products that smell quite so beautiful, and because they contain a blend of ingredients, including frangipani flowers, it's very easy to see why I fell so much in love.

The body oil is infused with coconut coprah oil to help moisturise the skin.  It is solid inside the bottle, so needs to be heated before use.
The tiniest amount made my skin feel so soft, and then when I was told it could be used as a hair conditioner too - well, that was me hooked - anything for beautifully soft hair.
Another lady also told us that she pours some of the oil into a container when it is in liquid form and lets it set to give her a fantastic lip balm.

A little 3-in-1 miracle product.

The salt glow made my skin feel incredibly clean and smooth.  It contains mineral rich salts and tahitian monoi oil to help exfoliate whilst also moisturising.

These two items are 100% on my wishlist - I absolutely adore them.

Next, I was treated to a demonstration of the Elemis massage chair that is located in a private treatment room within the store, where you can indulge in facials and enjoy total relaxation.

The chair was like heaven - I would quite easily have taken it home with me.
It massaged, and then pummeled the aches, pains and knots out of my back - definitely what was needed after a hard week at work.

I did have a little giggle when the massage motion altered though - it felt as though the chair was mini-punching my back.  It felt fantastic, but was really unexpected.
I'm glad there was no-one else around to witness my laugh-out-loud moment.  :)

After a very fun game of Elemis Pass The Parcel - using the most attractively wrapped parcel I have ever seen (and where everybody was a mini-winner, taking home a range of Elemis samples), we were encouraged to have a browse around the shop, and purchase anything we liked, using our £10 ticket fee as a discount - fab.

Kelly showed me the way to go with the beautiful scent of the Lime and Ginger Body Lotion - another winning combination.
I chose to purchase this lovely little Spa Body Treats gift set from the Elemis Christmas gift range because it contained a travel sized lemon and ginger body lotion and hand and body wash.

It smells divine...and looks very cute too!

As we left for the evening, we were treated even more and given a goodie bag, filled with Elemis samples and product information - I felt very spoilt indeed.

A very fantastic event - thank you to Elemis and Harvey Nichols for allowing us in!


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