Saturday 12 October 2013

Trashy Doll Haul

As you may very well know, I have a love of all things "accessory" and love how a change of belt, bag or necklace can totally transform the look of an outfit.

This is why I think Trashy Doll are simply amazing!

I reviewed Trashy Doll before and the amazing people have sent me some fabulous items to wear and review.

Trashy Doll seem to have a knack of bringing out little squeals of joy from me.  I've had two parcels from them now, and both times I have literally been like a child on Christmas morning.

Starting with the packaging, every item is sent with lots of love and attention.  Everything is individually wrapped in bubble wrap to make sure it reaches you in mint condition, and is then put into cute little leopard print bags.


The most amazing thing that I realised about Trashy Doll though, is that they have absolutely amazing customer service.

They really seem to take notice of their customers and what they like - they certainly went that little bit extra with my parcels anyway, and managed to match the things I like perfectly to the things they sent.

I certainly expressed an absolute love of all rings before, especially ones with a bit of an edge.

In particular I was desperate to have one of Trashy Doll's Inked Princess Rings - they are all gorgeous.

Imagine just how giddy I was when I unwrapped one of the cute little parcels that landed though my door, and out popped an adorable Inked Princess Ariel ring.

Very happy lady indeed!

Trashy Doll also sent me a fab half eaten Chocoholic Ring - I mean chocolate - need I say more, and a gorgeous aqua Infinity Bracelet.

I have actually considered incorporating the infinity emblem into a tattoo in the past...not that the people at Trashy Doll were to know this when they sent me the bracelet...but I still found it fantastic and really meaningful.

Next up, was yet another amazing ring - a Bronze Vintage Camera ring.

How perfect for a blogger.

Especially for a blogger who is desperate for a new "fancy pants" camera for her upcoming birthday.
I think I'll wear this ring and flash it about as a little bit of a hint to the Birthday Fairy.

Last but by no means least was this lovely Seven Dwarfs necklace.
This is the only item I haven't had chance to wear yet, but it 100% suits the style of a book fan like me!

Working in a secondary school, I made sure I wore the rings and bracelet to work (on different days of course!) and the students simply couldn't get enough of them...nor could the staff for that matter

They certainly went down a storm.

And there is still chance to get an amazing 15% discount using code
at the Trashy Doll checkout

Plus free UK delivery - What could you possibly be waiting for?

I think my Trashy Doll Haul has created quite a few new Trashy Doll fans anyway.

But I doubt any of them could rival my Trashy Doll love!  :)

*PR Samples

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