Friday 11 October 2013

Quinessence Hand & Body Lotion

Quinessence are an aromatherapy and well-being company who specialise in manufacturing natural skincare products.

They began their journey in 1985 when founders, Sue Charles and Geoff Lyth, started an intensive search to set up a range of high quality aromatherapy oils.

And so the company was born

During the twenty seven years that they have been in operation, Quinessence have grown and expanded, and are today an award winning company.

There is so much demand for their products that they now distribute to over sixty three countries all over the world.

Quinessence make sure that they take a lot into consideration with each one of their products.
From aromatherapy and massage oils, to shampoo, to body lotions, Quinessence are strictly against animal testing; they support Fair Trade and are very keen on recycling and conservation.

Well-being for the planet as well as the body.

The essential oils and Aroma-botanicals skin care ranges have even been finalists for not one, not two, but for six years now, in the Natural Health and Beauty Magazine Awards.
Good Stuff!

With this in mind, when Quinessence contacted me regarding testing one of their products, I just couldn't pass the opportunity up.

Mr Postman delivered me a (very very well wrapped) bottle of aromatherapy goodness earlier this week, in the form of a Hand and Body Lotion*

Quinessence describe this lotion as containing Neroli, Sandalwood and Patchouli; as being moisturising, and as containing exotic Neroli to re-hydrate and help maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin.

Sounded pretty good to me

The design of the bottle struck me straight away.  I thought it looked very professional.
More of a product you would expect to see in a spa...and not sitting in my bathroom, amongst my collection of lotions and potions.

It totally puts the rest of my things to shame.

I applied the cream after a nice long soak in the bath, and decided to give it the ultimate test - to see if it would soften up my not-too-nice-knees.

The lotion rubbed in well and wasn't greasy at all.  It spread across the skin brilliantly and only a small amount was needed.
It will last for ages, meaning great value for money.

If I'm totally honest, I wasn't too keen on the scent, and it's not a fragrance I would choose for myself, but this is only my own personal preference.
I'm not all that keen on highly floral fragrances you see, and I usually tend to avoid them.

However, saying this, I do think it began to grow on me a little bit.  Partly because the scent lasted so long I'm sure -  my hands smelt of flowers for so long I couldn't help get used to it.

My hands and knees stayed soft and smooth all evening, and even when I woke up the next morning, I still had soft knees, so the lotion passed my little test.

This particular Hand and Body lotion retails at £6.50 for 100ml.

I love and totally agree with the ethos Quinessence promote, in that they are so adamant on being animal and planet friendly.

I think I need some more relaxation im my life and Quinessence's aromatherapy oils are looking pritty good to me too...

*PR Sample

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