Saturday 16 November 2013

A Little Trip to London Town

I can't quite believe that it's a whole week ago that I set off for a weekend in London with the ladies.

My first visit to our capital ever, and it was brilliant.

Very tiring and very busy, but brilliant non the less.

Myself and my friend Nicola, set off at 5am last Saturday morning (ouch I know!), and after a very uneventful, pritty nice, easy going train journey, we arrived at London's King's Cross Station at around 7.30am.

After a coffee and a little bit of people watching, we ventured into the Harry Potter 9 3/4 shop (see here) for a little bit of a browse.

Once I had been dragged out, kicking and screaming, we decided to have a leisurely stroll to our hotel, which Google Maps informed me, was about half an hour away.

Thank goodness for wheelie holdall bags is all I can say.
But, we didn't get lost once and arrived to meet the lovely Rachel in one piece...despite a few back-alley-wrong-turns.


I did the whole touristy thing, and with Rachel as our very lovely, London-Experienced tour guide we hit:

~ Camden Market

~ Ventured onto The Tube a few times

~ Ate some lovely food and drank some lovely (very lovely!) drinks

~ Took in the sights

And of course, browsed the amazing shops.

I never thought there could be a whole store dedicated to M&Ms...let alone a store with four floors, but M&M World certainly proved me wrong

And Hamleys was amazing, but I made a mental note to never take my eight year old there - unless I had won the lottery beforehand of course!

Major Toy Overload.

By the time we reached our hotel in the evening, and I had calmed down from the heart palpitations from having to cram on for my first ever Tube ride - a Tube that was so packed full of people that it was almost an impossibility to get the three of us on I might add -  I think curling up in a ball in bed would have worked quite well.

But Oh No - out came the Champers, on went the glad-rags and back to Camden we went to schmooze with the London folk on a busy Saturday evening.

Dirty Martini was our first port of call - definitely my kind of atmosphere and the music was right up my street, but I'm sure the Northern Girl within fainted a little when she saw the Southern prices of drinks


We contemplated taking a Tuk-Tuk ride, but decided to stroll...or rather fast as our heeled feet would take us, back thorough the cold London streets to our hotel, where we had "one for the road" and then climbed, shattered, into bed.

London was fantastic, and it definitely did treat me well - I can't wait to go back again.

At least next time, I'll know that an armpit to the face is an accepted, and quite a normal expectation for a trip on a London Tube.

You really do learn something new everyday

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