Sunday 17 November 2013

A Just For £5 Wishlist

I think I'm becoming little bit of a thrifty shopper when it comes to buying things for myself...that or I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit and becoming a total Scrooge....

Either way, I love love love a bargain and have been on the look out lately to update my wardrobe as cheaply as possible.

And then I stumbled across Just For £5 and naturally I had to have a look.

Just For £5 have been a part of the retail market for a massive ten years already, supplying other industries with five pound products, but have recently decided to branch out themselves and offer an online shopping service.

And I'm pritty glad that they did.

I found some really nice pieces on their website, and to be honest, I got really excited at just how nice the things were for such a low price.

I put together some of my favourite finds - the majority of them I will be purchasing come pay day too.


I seriously fell in love with all of these boots.
They are amazing, cute and are available in a range of different colours too.

Personally, I prefer boots in blacks and browns, so I would be choosing these options if I were buying, but the styles are just what I was looking for to get me through the coming winter.


Pairs of jeans and trendy work trousers for only five pounds - well - that's me sold.


There is a whole load of varying style tops available, including jumpers, blouses and shirts, and these are just five of the pile that I could have chosen to include.

I really enjoyed looking through the different sections of this website.
I found some fab accessories and amazing bags too that I haven't even touched on within this post.

I'm handbag/accessory crazy I'm afraid, and could very easily pick at least twenty things from these sections alone that I'd like to buy.

Out of the fifteen items that I have included, I want them all - and if I did buy the lot, it would only cost me £75!

That's £75 for five tops, four pairs of trousers - two being jeans - and five pairs of boots...oh, and a pair of shoes!

Does it get more of a bargain than that - I think not.

Visit Just for £5 and see what you can pick up

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