Thursday 14 November 2013

Fun in Kings Cross Station...!

I never, ever thought that I could have so much fun in a train station as I had this weekend.

Yep, you heard correctly - fun inside a train station!

It is possible, trust me - especially when that train station is King's Cross Station in London.

I had an absolute ball - and mainly because the station is home to Harry Potter's 9 3/4 Platform and Shop.

It was brilliant and I was most definitely like a small child in a sweet shop when I was let loose inside.

Being a little bit of a book geek, naturally I have all of the Harry Potter books, and have read them more than once.

I own all of the films too, and never, ever tire of watching them.
They are just so magical and entertaining - I love them.

Now, to be totally honest, my expectations of the actual 9 3/4 platform were a little dashed, as I assumed the trolley would be on an actual platform preferably between real platforms 9 and 10, but this obviously wasn't the case, and I was a little bit gutted at first.

Thinking about it logically, this does make perfect sense - the "trolley in the wall" is a major tourist attraction, with people queuing for ages to have their photograph taken there.

Slightly dangerous to have on an actual platform really...!

Next, I took a delve into the 9 3/4 gift shop itself and I was in awe.

There was every type of memorabilia possible, from each one of the movies.
There were jumpers; ties; wands; sweets; pens; badges - everything imaginable.

I particularly liked the "specialist" items such as the Horcrux Pendent; Professor Umbridge's Torture Quill; Hermione's Time Turner and The Tri-Wizard Cup to name just a few.

I honestly could have spent a fortune in this teeny little shop, but I thought against it - I did have a full weekend in London planned.

To ease my reluctance to leave, I decided to make just a small purchase, and came away with a chocolate frog, some  Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and a 9 3/4 platform ticket lanyard...all for my son...of course.  :)

I can't contain my excitement for the actual Harry Potter Studio Tour and really need to book tickets very soon.

It will without a doubt be fantastic - I can't wait.

So you see - never underestimate the excitement to be had in a train station!

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