Wednesday 13 November 2013

Once Upon A Time, I Visited A MAC Counter....

I recently attended a Beauty Event at Harvey Nichols in Leeds (see here) where I met a lot of lovely girlies and had the opportunity to schmooze around the beauty counters and pick up various hints and tips.
Oh, and I was treated to a few fantastic freebies... the most important of all being the nice flute of bubbly.

Anyway, whilst milling around with the lovely Kelly, Hayley and Yuna, I mentioned that I really quite fancied a dark lipstick, maybe in a plum or a burgundy shade... not that I've ever really been a lipstick kind of girl before, but I think the time is right to branch out a little and broaden my horizons.

And that is just what I was thinking when, before I knew what was happening, I was stood in front of the MAC counter, deciding if tonight would be the night that I would make my first ever MAC purchase.

Hayley handed me the very bold "Rebel" to try, and I was hooked the second I saw it.

And so I applied a little...

And was then very shocked at just how bold a colour it actually was.

But I simply loved it.

It glided on perfectly and didn't feel like I was wearing lipstick once it was applied.
And the colour - wow - it was bold, eye-catching and vivid.
It stayed put for a while too - no need to re-apply every five minutes.

I was then very helpfully informed that this particular shade is a huge hit with blogger ladies far and wide, so by owning it, I would be in very good company.

And then the ladies gave me so much praise and so many compliments, that I just couldn't walk away without handing over some cash and taking the little stick of loveliness home with me.

And so, that is The End of the story about how I made my first ever MAC purchase.
I hope you enjoyed it.  :)

I'm very sure it won't be my last tale about MAC either.

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