Monday 18 November 2013

My Guilty Festive Fashion Pleasures

Guilty Festive Fashion Pleasures?

Yep, I definitely have a few of those I'm afraid.

At any other time of the year, I like to think I follow the fashion trends...or at least I try to.
I know what I like, and I like what I know.

But come the 25th December - all the rules are well and truly out of the window, and it's every festive, colourful, garish item for itself.

I want it all.

Cheap Christmas tack will definitely be involved in my outfits for Christmas Day - and why not.

I usually even try to stretch out my "tack wearing" for as many days as possible, it's fab.

There's usually some kind of flashing, overly large, garish jewellery item, which I will need to replace this year as last years has vanished over the past eleven months.
Perhaps Santa wanted to take it back to the North Pole with him for Mrs Claus....

Anyway - I do have a flashing tie - which I will be wearing with absolute pride for work one day.
Never one to normally wear a blouse or a tie, I'll style this up in a "School Christmas Uniform" sort of way- I know the kiddies will love it...or hate it...but I can't wait.

I also dug out my special Christmas Washing Up Gloves - especially for the Hubby to use on Christmas Day, because, well, I'm just nice like that.

And I'm sure no Christmas would be complete without a novelty hat.
This is actually my son's Elf hat, but I do have a Santa Hat which is probably hiding away with the Christmas Tree at the moment.

I do have Christmas socks too, because I just hate having cold toes, and I'm not ashamed to say that these little beauties come out at any opportunity, and are not just for Christmas.
And why not - reindeer, pom-pom's, furry insides - they have the lot!

I love the much so that I have a knitted purse to match them.

Yep - I'm guilty of matching a purse to a pair of socks...but it's's surely allowed...?

Although I love all of these things, my all time, most guiltiest festive fashion pleasure just has to be Christmas Jumpers.

I do absolutely love them, and as you can tell, I have acquired quite the little collection.

The brighter, crazier and more 'noveltier' the better for me.

I was even 'told off' by my nephew last year for wearing my Mickey Mouse sweatshirt weeks after the New Year...but I just couldn't help myself - I love it.

And this year, I have not one, but two more to add to my ever growing collection.

I just can't wait to get them on!

So - having an amazing five festive Christmas Jumpers, I'd say that without a doubt that they are 100% my Guilty Festive Fashion Pleasure.

If you want to see lots more Guilty Festive Pleasures, then make sure you check out

There's a chance to vote for the look you love the most, and even possibly win a fab £25 F&F voucher to spend just for casting your vote!

I'm sure there's some fantastically festive creations to be found

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