Sunday 22 December 2013

Bombardino From Lush

Having received a lovely Secret Santa gift from the equally lovely Hannah through Hayley's fab project recently, I decided that the LUSH bath bombs included in my gift (here) were sat a little too patiently in my bathroom, and really did need to be used.

I am a little behind the times when it comes to Lush I must admit.  I have only used one (I know - slap my wrist now!) of their fantastic bath bombs before and have only very, very recently ventured into one of their beautifully smelling stores for the first time!

Crazy aren't I - I have really been missing out!

So, last night, after a little trip into town - WHY I put myself though this torture on the last Saturday before Christmas I will never know - I figured that I should put my lack of Lushness to rights, and plopped this little fellow - Bombardino into my bath.

I mean he smelt so wonderful sitting in his little bag, how could I not.

Lush describe Bombardino as taking inspiration from "a drink traditionally made in the Italian Alps with eggnog, brandy and whipped cream" and I certainly understood this from using him.

Immediately he began frothing and fizzing away, and made a real little journey around the bath - the frothing obviously didn't want him to keep still at all.

Backwards and forwards he went, all whilst turning the bath water a really bright yellow colour - obviously the "eggnog" influence.

The top of the bath water was covered in a real creamy-like froth too which I took to represent the "whipped cream". just the "brandy" to add...I think I'll have to remember to include some of that next time (in a glass and not in the bath of course)...

Well I need to make sure I get the whole "Alpine drink" experience now don't I...  ;)

Bombardino just kept on and on fizzing and frothing - there was no stopping him!

Relaxing in the bath, I noticed a really subtle scent from the lemon oil that was infused within the bath bomb, but I wasn't overwhelmed by it to be honest.

The scent was much more prominent when this little fella was inside of his bag rather than in the bath, which I was a little bit dissapointed about to be honest, but my skin felt lovely and soft afterwards, which I'm thanking the cocoa butter within for, so I'll let him off for his lack of lemony-ness.

I was really curious about his eyes too, and was giddy to discover that they were chocolate drops!!

Which, very obviously, smelt fantastic...and...well...chocolaty!


I just love all of the little extra surprises the Lush bath bombs throw out!

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