Thursday 19 December 2013

Christmas And A Wobbly Tummy?

I L-O-V-E all that Christmas has to offer - time with family, gifts, cosy days lazed on the sofa watching movie after movie, festive Christmas music played all day long...the time off of work...

 I love it all...but...I have to admit I do worry that I may go a little bit overboard, indulging in another of my 'Christmas Favourites' - eating lots and lots (and lots) of lovely, calorific food.


I'm really quiet anxious though to be honest, that I'm either not going to fit into any of the new clothes I have just bought, or that I'll eat so much I'll have to be rolled back into work in January.

I do love food you see, but it kind of can become an issue - once I start eating it, there's just no stopping me.

Usually, in a 'normal' week, I follow a healthy eating plan - Slimming World is my 'diet' of choice - and I've followed it for about 6 years now, so I kind of know what to eat or to avoid to stop me pilling on too many pounds.

Don't get me wrong, I do have the odd day...or and I do eat far too much chocolate (yum!), but on the whole I try to eat quite healthily.

Christmas has it's own set of rules though I'm afraid and it's because I really don't want to waddle back into work in the New Year that I am very pleased to have these sleek, shiny new scales in my possession.

These Ozeri Bathroom Scales are the perfect addition to my bathroom - they look stylish and very modern with their glass, glossy black finish.

The large number display is really easy to see and it lights up a very attractive LED blue colour, which has xBright technology - so the results are immediate and very clear to read.

 I found the scales really accurate too thanks to the four high precision GX sensors that are built in - so no more moving myself and the scales around the bathroom to find the spot where I weigh the least...

Yep, I really have done this before...numerous times.

Anyway, my crazy weighing habits aside, I liked that these scales were really easy to operate - a simple step on was all that was needed to activate them - no tapping them and waiting...and tapping them and waiting some more, thanks to their StepOn technology, the reading was ready straight away.

The only negative thing I found was that the scales operate in either kg or lb and not stones, which is what I'm used to using and gauging weight losses and gains on.

But I suppose if I dust my Maths head off, a conversion from lb to stones isn't all that complicated to work out at all, and it won't be something that puts me off using them that's for sure.

Fingers crossed that a sneaky weigh in with these every now and again over the festive season will help reign me and my greedy tummy in and help keep me away from the After Eights and Quality Streets a little bit.

Or at the very least they may just help to prepare me for the worst for when I tumble into my first Slimming Wold group of 2014.

Fingers crossed for an un-wobbilier tummy for 2014

*PR Item provided for honest review

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