Wednesday 25 December 2013


This is a mega quick post just to wish everyone a very


It's very safe to say, I have eaten way too much l-o-v-e-r-l-y food today - so much so in fact that I'm a tad scared I'm going to bust out of my Christmas Day Onesie any second now.

I seriously look about eight months pregnant at the moment, with my very own food baby!

But I'll think about the gym another day...right now...well I think I'll have another chocolate if you please.

Santa certainly came to my house last night, and he made an eight year old boy extremely happy.

Our living room resembled a wrapping paper factory post major explosion by 7am this morning.

Yep - we were up that early.

At 6.15 we were up and at the pressie stack already, but to be fair, it was almost a lot LOT earlier, when at 2am my said eight year old decided that then was the time to get up.

He was very swiftly put back to bed and luckily for me, he fell back asleep.

Until 6.15 that is.

Anyhow - it comes but once a year - so make sure you all continue to eat, drink and be very VERY Merry!!


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