Friday 27 December 2013

A Soap & Glory Christmas

 I have to admit it - I am well and truly shattered right now - I can literally hear my bed calling my name.

 I think Christmas has totally taken it out of me.

Well, I think it could be a combination of the Christmas Festivities and me partaking in my first gym session for...lets just say "for a while"...this morning.

Oh, and I have just braved Leeds shopping so that the Hubby could visit The TSHIRT STORE and buy something (or a few "somethings") for a night out tomorrow evening.

(They have a pritty good sale on some of their fab t-shirts too I must add - 50% off of a whole load of them)

So Yep - I am pooped.

But not pooped enough to stop me wanting to express my love over my fab little Christmas pressie to myself.

I know it's more than likely that every blogger in the country bought this lovely Soap and Glory "The Yule Monty" set just before Christmas - I mean, the offer Boots had it at made it very hard to resist - £27 rather than the RRP of £60...!!

I just love it so much and I wanted to share.

First there's the gorgeous, limited edition Jonathan Saunders bag that everything comes in.

Very lovely.
Very roomy.
Very versatile.

Inside there were a whole host of full sized Soap & Glory bath and body products, including a body scrub, a beautiful body butter, a mascara and a plumping lip gloss to name just a few.

I couldn't wait to get stuck into everything, and my first "try outs" were the Body Scrub and the thick, luxurious body butter.

This body scrub is exactly what my skin was crying out for if I'm honest.

My knees and elbows in particular suffer from being really dry, and they really need a lot of  time putting into making them un-flakey.

Time which I very often, can't be bothered investing.

But after one use of The Scrub Of Your Life, these problems didn't seem such problems anymore.

Dry skin - be gone!

The rest of my body felt great too - I could really tell that all the nasty dead skin had been rubbed away, leaving behind some really fresh feeling skin, and all without any harshness at all - thanks to the little orange, beads inside

Great Stuff.

The Righteous Butter is just amazing too.

It smells great, and absorbs straight into the skin - no greasiness at all, and no worries about sitting down/putting clothes on for ages afterwards for fear of getting it all over the place either.

My skin even felt lovely and soft, and still smelt pretty good the day after too, proving that it really does soak deep into the skin and works it's moisturising magic properly.

I received this lovely Bright and Bubbly Fruitigo gift set for Christmas too from my sister, and I can't wait to test out all of the mini goodies inside of there too.

It's very easy to see why everyone loves a little bit of Soap & Glory.

They're certainly a firm favourite of mine

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