Friday 6 December 2013

Orchid's "Check Your Bauballs" Campaign

The amazing male cancer charity Orchid have launched a fantastic, fun, yet utterly serious and important Christmas campaign again this year, and are asking the nation to - 


and encourage the men in and around them to "Check Their Bauballs" this festive period.

Orchid was set up in 1996 by Colin Osbourne, who was a testicular cancer patient, and his life saving oncologist.
Both wanted to provide support to, and save the lives of, men with testicular, prostate and penile cancers.

Orchid was born, and began it's journey into pioneering research and raising the awareness of men's cancer.

Which is just fantastic - we all know someone special who this illness could potentially affect.

Having a Husband and a son myself, I really want them to both be safe and healthy, and I personally think this initiative is fantastic.

It's fun, interesting, but still hammers home it's important message.

If testicular cancer is spotted at an early stage there is a 98% chance of a cure - which is pritty amazing odds if you ask me and makes "Checking You're Bauballs" properly all that more important.

~Get To Know Them~
Roll them between you're thumb and forefinger to look for lumps

~Make It More Fun~
Ask a partner to help out...!!
(and why not!!)

~Talk To Someone~
Any worries at all, consult you're doctor

My son found the bauballs idea highly amusing - as any eight year old naturally would -  but he listened intently when I explained the important meaning behind them.
(He hasn't seen the animations I hasten to add - just the photograph of the bauball itself!!)

And if an eight year old can sit, listen, understand and take a conversation like that seriously, well, the campaign is definitely onto a winner in my book.

So where can you find this all important Christmas decoration I hear you ask - well, for the low price of £5, one can be yours if you check out you're local House Of Fraser Stores or they can be purchased online 

Celebs everywhere have made sure that they have their bauballs.
Make sure that you get yours too and support this great charity.

Donate NOW and encourage the men in your life to Check Their Bauballs this Christmas!

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