Monday 30 December 2013

Remembering The Good Stuff

It's almost time for the New Year celebrations to begin, and to be waving goodbye to 2013 and greeting 2014 with a big hello...and no doubt a big stinking hangover to boot.

And there's no doubt I'll have another set of New Year's resolutions that involve weight loss and going to the gym more often...just like every year.


How boring and predictable eh!!

So I've decided that this year, instead of just focusing on all of the things I want to change, whether they be about myself, my life in general, or where I want to go, it might be a really nice change to actually remember the nice things that do happen throughout the year.

And let's face it, no matter how much of a rubbish time we have, there are always those few little things stuck in between everything that really make us smile, but they kind of seem to get lost among the everyday mundane chores and tasks.

And then the New Year comes, we focus on all of the negativity that we remember, and decide that we need a major shake up and to change everything, so we make resolutions - again.

Maybe if the happy times were more prominently remembered, we wouldn't feel so down on ourselves.

It was my Dad's Very Soon To Be Wife that gave me this idea quite a few months ago to be honest, and I think it's a great way to remember the nice things that happen.

She wasn't particularly happy about reaching a milestone birthday, and a friend gave her a little glass jar filled with blank post it notes, and told her to focus not on hitting "the dreaded age", but to jot down all of the lovely things that happened during "that" year on the post in notes, and put them into the jar.

Then, on the eve of her next birthday, she was to sit back and re-look through everything great that had happened during the year she wasn't looking forward to.

Kind of a brilliant idea to put things into perspective isn't it.

It's easily adaptable to New Year too.

All you need is an empty jar and something to jazz it up a little bit.

Seeing as ribbon is something I have zilch of in my house, I found this lovely deep purple neck scarf from years ago, and used that.

My bow tying skills aren't the best, but hey-ho, I gave it a go.

Now, let those Good Times Roll & here's hoping I have a nice, post it note, great memory filled jar by this time next year.

I'll still no doubt plan to go to Slimming World every week and reach my weight loss target by February, and still, I'll aim to hit the gym four times a week or more, but, at least I'll have this lovely little way to remember all of the nice things that happened to me during 2014.

And it really does make a great, thoughtful, very inexpensive birthday gift too.

Happy Good Time Remembering

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