Thursday 23 January 2014

A Little Idea...

It's funny isn't it - there are quotes out there everyday that can be seen - on TV adverts; on social media sites - everywhere really - but yet hardly any of them are payed much attention.

That was the case for me anyway, until this one little phrase jumped out at me earlier this week, and it really stuck in my mind.

Well, I was pondering on one thing in particular really, and I thought I had decided just to not bother with it, simply because my life is "way too busy".

But now, well now I'm not so sure - I think I have been well and truly swayed.

I don't want to hit my old age and totally regret never at least "having a go".

So I'm going to do it.

I'm going to have a go at writing a book.

Well - a story anyway...maybe not a full blown book...which could be a tad adventurous...but I'm going to do it.

It may takes me years, but at least I'll have made a start.

Don't get me wrong, I don't for a second think that I'll become the next J.K. Rowling or anything, but with the amount of books that I have read and the amount of beta reading that I do, I really want to have a go - it just intrigues me so much.

Reading and writing were things I loved doing back in my school days (I even managed an A in GCSE English Lit I'll have you know!) I think it's about time to dust away the cobwebs and get my imagination going again.

And they'll be no computers for me, not in the planning stages anyway at least.

Nope - I have simply got to start with the basics - pen and paper.

I can jot ideas down anywhere and everywhere then...I mean I don't want to miss anything by forgetting an idea whilst I hunt for a computer now do I.

I've discovered that Viking could most definitely provide me with all of the writing tools I could possibly ever need to be able to tackle the pritty mammoth task ahead of me.

From pens to post-it notes and paper clips or jotters, Viking has the lot.

And having a browse of the website, everything seems really reasonably priced too.

Being a supplier for the office setting, Viking also sell the things that all offices can not be without, such as huge tubs of coffee, tea, hot chocolate (yum!) as well as big bags of chocolate treats  - I know I wouldn't complain about them showing up in my office anyway, that's for sure!

And a budding-new-wannabe-novelist could quite easily pass out without such calorie laden "essentials" on hand to fuel the potential long hours, sat, with pen in hand composing their latest "masterpiece"...or sat writing the weekly shopping list...whichever takes priority...  :)

Lets just hope the sugar rushes zapp my imagination into gear, because I don't want any doubts I have at actually being able to do this to be responsible for ruining a little dream that I've had for a lot of years.

And if it fails...well...nothing's lost...and at least I'll have sharpened up my handwriting skills!

Wish Me Luck!


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