Tuesday 7 January 2014

Oh Hello January Blues....

I'm feeling a little bit "Meh!" today if I'm being honest.

I'm not totally sure if that's a correct description of a feeling, or whether it can even be classed as a feeling at all, but, it's the best and most accurate word I could come up with right now.

I was sat having a little think about why I was feeling like this, and then I realised, the real question is why wouldn't I be feeling like this?

I mean, there's nothing really huge to look forward to at the moment - no big event, no big occasion, so yes, I suppose January is a little bit of a "Meh!" month for me this year.

All those weeks of thinking about what everyone might like for a Christmas present, then wrapping them all up and getting them off to Santa, sorting out all of the Christmas Day preparations

Everything is all done and dusted for another year.

And then there's all of the celebrations for the New Year.
Planning where to go, what to wear - all of that is out of the way now too.
Even my alcohol intolerant body has recovered fully from all signs of any hangovers - and trust me - that takes a while these days.

So what is there to actually look forward to now?

Well - January naturally means it's back to work - so, the 5am alarm is set daily.


I suppose I did love eating all of that calorie-laden food over the festive period....
Which has resulted in a 6lb weight gain - so, that means that I attended my first Slimming World class of the year last night.

And although I do enjoy the plan, it also means that my chocolate and rubbish food intake has had to be totally scrapped.

Doubly Brilliant.

And this also means that my very dusty, unused-properly-for-far-too-long gym card has been wiped clean and is ready to go again on a regular basis.

Triply Brilliant.

So Yep

January - you are not my favourite of all of the twelve months, I must say.

Bloomin' Heck - what a total barrel of laughs I am today!!

I think the only thing for me to do is to go and stick the kettle on, make myself an extra large mug of steaming caffeine, grab the full punnet of grapes and eat them all to myself (how rock & roll!) and then have a good old internet search for a lovely hot, relaxing summer holiday to book.

Something nice to slot into the coming months to get me all excited again.

Yay - Bring On That Sunshine

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